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Scientists and physicists already know this; space is strange. Math breaks down and funny things start to appear, while others goes missing. We’ve gathered some of the strangest facts about space publicly available right here.

1. In 1993, people were trying to raise money for a space advertisement the size of the moon

2. There’s a geocache on the International Space Station

3. The first space shuttle was named because of Star Trek fans

4. In space, there are Rogue Planets

5. In 2015, a radio enthusiast managed to contact the ISS

6. Just one year after the first moon landing, just 10% of the US population knew who Armstrong was.

7. A man was almost excluded from space travel due to pollen allergies

8. There’s a sniffer at NASA who smells items for a living

9. NASA maintains accurate space tech faqs for writers

10. The sun is actually white

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