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Often called the heart of France, this city has inspired lovers, artists and musicians throughout the decades. Today we’re listing facts about Paris!

1. The Olympic games of 1900 held in Paris were so poorly coordinated, not every winner knew they had won

Margaret Abbott even died without knowing.

2. In 1719, prisoners held in Paris could take a prostitute with them and start a new life in New Orleans

3. The Paris syndrome covers tourists getting disappointed with the sights and city

Especially Japanese tourists are prone to this so-called syndrome.

4. A secret movie theater was found in 2004 in underground catacombs

5. Picasso stayed in Paris after German forces had taken over the city

6. Vikings reached and occupied Paris back in 845 AD

For leaving, they required a huge ransom.

7. Rome and Paris are official twin cities, with their common motto stating all other cities are unworthy

8. Mr. Eiffel originally planned for his tower to be in Barcelona

9. China has built a true replica of Paris, except no one lives there

10. Certain houses are not really houses at all, merely facades for ventilation and plumbing

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