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With the minority of the total number of votes, Donald Trump still managed to win the 2016 election. Here’s some facts about Donald Trump that you might not have heard elsewhere.

1. He once had workers build a fence around a couple’s house withour their consent, then bill them for it.

2. Trump was a registered democrat from 2001 to 2009

3. He once tried to trademark: “You’re fired”

4. He once sued a reporter for calling him a millionaire instead of billionaire

5. Donald Trump has a cameo in Home Alone 2

6. He doesn’t drink alcohol

7. Has filed for bankruptcy at least 4 times

8. Donald Trump and an Arms Dealer were the only 2 people to cash in checks from Spy Magazine

9. Once proposed a one-time tax for people worth $10 million or more

14.25% That’s the amount of money any rich American should pay of his or her entire wealth if it stood to Donald Trump back when.

10. Among the least charitable billionaires

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