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For all the nerdier ones out there, we’ve collected a bunch of awesome facts about carbon.

We’ve decided to have facts about various aspects of the element Carbon in our collection here.

1.  Occurs in all living organisms

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Carbon is a common building material that we ourselves are made up of. It’s considered an element and thus occurs on the periodic tables.

The 6th element was first discovered back in 3750 B.C, so humans have known about this element for almost 8000 years.

2. Highest melting points of all the elements

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When it comes to melting elements, carbon has some of the most efficient structures out there.

One of the reasons why carbon is so common in our neck of the universe, might have to do with the fact that it takes more than 3500° C / 6400° F to melt it.

3. 4th most abundant element overall, 2nd for humans

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Out of all the matter we currently know of, carbon is one of those elements that’s just everywhere.

As we said above, it’s one of the most common elements around for us humans, coming in at around 18.5% carbon against 65% Oxygen for the most common element in our human bodies.

4. Born from stars

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From the last breath of dying stars, carbon and other base elements are fused together by large forces.

According to BIOdotEDU, our sun currently produces helium, it will eventually build up enough force to produce carbon as well, before finally succumbing to the triple alpha process.

5. Astronauts sleep near ventilation so their exhaled carbon dioxide won’t form a bubble around their head and suffocate themhorsehead nebula 11081 1280 1024x576

Not only will a tiny rip in their suit potentially do serious damage, even their own saliva works against the astronauts in space.

Imagine someone putting a plastic bag over your head while you slept, and closed it tight. In space. At night.

6. Roughly 84% of body fat shed from weight loss turns into carbon dioxide

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Don’t let this fact put you off from losing weight however, as the amounts are miniscule.

Instead consider that carbon dioxide never really goes away, and thus a physical part of you will float around space for eternity.

7. Carbon filament can burn for a long time, like 110 years straight

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8. Genghis Khan has had a direct impact on the climate by killing 40 million people

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9. A Viking mastered high carbon sword making 800 years before everyone else, inspired forgeries back then

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10. Someone tried to absorb carbon dioxide by dumping 100 tonnes of iron sulfate off the coast of Canada

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An American businessman decided in 2012, to dump a vast amount of the material into the ocean off the coast of Canada.

His aim was to grow a large algae culture as part of a so-called experiment of his. Defending his reasons, he also stated it provided valuable data. Yeah..

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