The most inspiring holiday can sometimes be being at sea. Exploring the sea from a yacht charter can be a lot of fun. But, more often for those land dwellers, it is an opportunity to look at freedom, going beyond the horizon and getting lost. From looking at the electronic devices at hand to wondering at those little scenic spots and gazing at the lush evergreen islands and blue turquoise water, everything is spectacular.

Some of the favorite yacht charter spots in Asia offer an exclusive peek at the geography visited by sailing. You can have your own vessel and your own holiday.


The land of wonderful scenic beauty can be enjoyed by island-hopping now. There are lots of holiday package providers that give you an option to explore the region by sea. From solo bareboat charter to luxury yacht charters you can have it all. There are lots of options and you don’t have to spend millions on a holiday. Some spots like Raja Ampat are a brilliant place during the winter months.

  • You can find crystal clear water with lots of small islets and tropical islands at short distances.
  • You can explore these small islands on foot with a hiking group allowing the most exclusive travel packages one can design.
  • These are custom packages and include itinerary designed and chosen by customers, and fulfilled by the help of local guides and businesses.

Charter by a motorboat as they call them is one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday. It is secure, well-looked after and is like a beach house on the sea.

Prana by Atzaro is an Absolute Beauty

Some of the biggest and most exclusive luxury yacht charters in Indonesia can be truly once in a lifetime opportunity. For couples and honeymooners, Prana is second to none. This is luxury at its peak and onboard you have a nine-cabin fleet. Best for groups and hired for a reasonable price, you can hire this superyacht and explore the glorious Spice islands on a week-long trip. The ambiance and the luxury are unparalleled here.

Mekong Delta

The small stretch of land called the Mekong Delta offers a great place for holidays. Some of the stunning yacht charter destinations include this on their trip or begin here. For example, you can visit northern Laos and take an old Sapan boat to this wonderful scenic beauty. The most important waterways will help you explore the local country, the lifestyle and more.

  • The Aqua Mekong is the only super-sized vessel where you can hire a cabin and go on a nice holiday.
  • You can leave and hop-on wherever you want and it travels you by the riverways into the sea and back.
  • It is like a hotel on the sea and offers a great way of spending your time with family or a small group.

Planning a nice yacht charter holiday trip does not require too much. You can look for some of the best packages with an all-inclusive deal from most parts of the world, including in Asia.

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