Applications have been the backbone of access to mobile and web services by end-users over portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops today. Different applications serve various purposes ranging from personal to business-related ones.

A common app development solution is Microsoft Azure by Microsoft Corporation. Besides offering such a solution, Microsoft, for many years, has been a leading vendor of IT exams and certifications to IT professionals. Let’s drill down to the Microsoft 70-487 exam which focuses on software development and is a prerequisite to earning the MCSD: App Builder credential. 

How to Become MCSD: App Builder Certified?

The MCSD: App Builder credential is for you if you want to verify your skills in designing and implementing web and mobile applications. To get this certification, you should be the owner of the MCSA in Web applications or in  Universal Windows Platform credentials. The following three exams will qualify you for this badge: Microsoft 70-487, 70-357 or 70-486, though you need to pass only one of them. Exam 70-742 focuses on the development of mobile applications, whereas exam 70-486 is about the development of Web applications on ASP.NET MVC. What regards to 70-487 exam, let’s explore it in detail.

About Microsoft 70-487 Exam

Microsoft 70-487 focuses on the development of both Microsoft Azure and Web services. To take this exam, you must have three to five years of experience in developing applications and web services. This test assesses the following skill areas:

  • Creation and consumption of Web API-based services
  • Access to data
  • Query and manipulation of data with an Entity Framework
  • Working with both web services and applications
  • Design and implementation of web services

The Microsoft prepaway 70-487 exam will cost you $165 and it has 40 to 60 questions. The formats of the questions you can meet there include multiple-choice, build list, active screens among other. The review of these types is available on the Microsoft official website.

How to Use Practice Tests to Boost Your Preparation?

It is important to prepare for the exam properly and practice tests are an excellent preparation option. Below, you will find some tips enlightening you on how to use practice tests to get ready for your exam.

  • Start using practice tests early

The best way to utilize practice tests is to use them early before the exam nears. Taking them early gives you more time to go back to other preparation items such as notes and go through the most difficult topics in case you feel less prepared. 

  • Take the full test

Taking practice tests can appear to tire, but it is important to complete each of them, assuming that is the actual exam. Tackling the whole test at once allows you to pay attention to your own mistakes. You should never try to do just a few questions because 70-487 exam requires you to complete 40-60 questions within 2 hours and it is necessary for you to get used to such an intensive pace.

  • Clock yourself

Time limit is one of the reasons you may fail your Microsoft 70-487 test. That is why you need to practice your exam time management. Using practice tests from platform, you’ll download the ETE Software to practice them. This tool simulates the real exam environment and equip you with time management skills to complete all exam questions within the allocated time. 

  • Do as many tests as you can

A single practice test may help you identify a few issues. However, more practice tests give you a broader understanding of your capabilities, allowing you to understand your strong points and weak areas. Use all free exam dumps from in your prep process to your 70-487 exam. These files are valid and updates. To hone your skills, train with the premium file verified by IT experts.

  • Keep away your notes and other material

Practice tests are a tool of measurement of your exam readiness. Using your notes to tackle your practice tests may not help. Practice tests can jog your memory on what you read previously. Use what you remember and counter-check later for knowing the appropriate answers.

  • Use practice tests to develop better answers

As much as you may be ready for your exam, it is important to note that your answers may not be the best. As you counter-check your answers against those provided by a reliable practice test provider like, try to perfect your responses. Precision in answering can easily make you pass your exam because the answers are exactly what the actual exam requires.

  • Build confidence

Your preparation for the actual exam is not only designed for knowing how to answer the questions but also for building your confidence. You need to be sure about your knowledge of the tested skill areas and experience. Taking many tests can build that confidence and make you face the exam boldly.

  • Use quality practice tests

The internet is full of multiple practice test sites. To prepare adequately, you need to use the materials assembled by experts who know what the actual exam looks like. Quality practice tests will offer you a real exam experience based on the actual 70-487 exam objectives. To get such proven tests you may visit the website and buy a Premium Bundle for $39,99. This cost is worth it — you’ll obtain a ete file with proven questions and answers to use in the ETE Exam Simulator along with a training course and a study guide.

Career Prospects

With this MCSD in App Builder certification, you can try out for a job of Software Engineer, Web Developer, Mobile Application Developer, etc. Becoming certified also leads to a wage increase. For example, the average salary scale for an Application Developer with an MCSD in App Builder certification is about $72k per year according to 


A Microsoft certification like the MCSD in App Builder is a key to multiple career benefits. Passing Microsoft 70-487 after getting an MCSA in Web Application or Universal Windows Platform is all you need to become certified. Enroll now for exam 70-487, get completely prepared with practice tests, pass the assessment, and be the next software engineer the world is waiting for.

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