Microsoft has got something of its sleeves. This is something that is really amazing. Game lovers are about to be thrown off their feet. Guess what? Microsoft is planning to expand Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. It’s unbelievable! Nobody was expecting this. Interesting times are here.

This cheery news revealed in the description of an upcoming Game Developers Conference. It is already an open secret that Xbox Live will be available to about two billion devices. This is really huge.

The Details about the Cross-Platform

The Games Developers Conference (GDC) is titled: Xbox Live: Growing & Engaging Your Gaming Community Across iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox and PC. This will be a cross-platform XDK the will enable games developers to connect effectively with game players. This is very ideal. Microsoft is living up to the billing as a renowned tech giant. This is unprecedented.

With this innovation, it means Xbox Live will make it possible for players who are well engaged and active on Xbox and PC to now take their gaming achievement history, their clubs, and their friends list along with them to almost every other screen available. Can you beat that? The excited expressed by game enthusiasts on hearing this development has increased their adrenaline. Microsoft is really leading the pack in the gaming business.

The new software will actually be combined with PlayFab gaming services which would give developers the opportunity to develop a series of games that would seamlessly integrate perfectly from one screen to another. It will enable players to watch, buy, play, pause and continue to play their favourite games from one device to another on the most reliable and dependable multiplayer network in the world. This is a big enticement for the lovers of games. Bringing on a cross-platform for gaming will be great fun for gamers. With Xbox Live, screen sizes would no longer be the problem because you would be able to play it well on PC and mobile on both iOS and Android. It will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

The Long-Awaited Announcement by the Microsoft VP

This heartwarming announcement was made by Microsoft’s vice president Phil Spencer when he explained to tech reporters that the tech giant realized early enough that it can’t reach two billion game players on a console. He was dead right. Selling two billion consoles is a tall order for any gaming company. Mr. Spencer was being realistic.

Quoting him “We have a long term commitment to the console space, but when you think about two billion people, we’re not going to sell two billion people a game console,” he said.

Currently, Xbox Live is available on cross-platform but with some certain games like Minecraft.

Microsoft is showing the way for other gaming companies to follow. Gaming should not be console-based. It should be something that should be very accessible to many people.

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