If you are planning to buy a new mattress, it is important to know the difference between foam mattresses and coil mattresses. That will help you to make the right choices based on your personalized choices and needs. As a matter of fact, both foam and coil mattresses are a great choice, but either one of them might not suit the individual needs of everyone.

Hence, if you make the wrong choices, you might experience difficulty in sleeping on them. Mattresses are pretty expensive household items, which is why it is in your best interest to know the difference and make the right choice according to your preferences and requirements.

If you are looking for mattress for your bedroom, then you must do plenty of researches to decide which option will be more suitable for you. You may also visit the website TheBest-Mattress.Org which is one of the top mattresses reviews and guides website, so that you can educate yourself well before you decide to buy any mattress. If you buy with better information then the money that you spend for buying your mattress will be well utilized and also you will get more comfortable sleep at night.

Let us review each of these types of mattresses separately in this short article.

Coil Mattress

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In this type of mattress, rows of coils are used to provide the support to the structure of the mattress. These springs or coils are the core element of the mattress and they are covered from both top and bottom with a layer of fabric. This additional layer provides soft texture and also provides cushion and they are supported by the coils.

There are a number of different types of coils that can be used and they are as follows:

  • Continuous coils

These are S-shaped coil which is made out of single long wire. By interlinking of number of such S-shaped coils you can create a stable structure.

  • Pocket springs

In most of the other types of spring mattresses, the coils are interlinked with each other however in case of pocket springs, there is an individual coil which is wrapped. Therefore, each of these coils can act independently and if needed then they can respond quickly as per the movement.

  • Bonnell springs

These springs are in the shape of hourglass and they are interlinked with each other. They also provide lots of support so that motion can be easily transferred through them.

Since it is not possible to sleep directly over the coils, the foam is added to both top and bottom so that one can sleep comfortably on them.

Pros of coil mattress

  • There is no need to remove air out of the mattress
  • These mattresses are temperature neutral therefore if you sweat at night then you can sleep comfortably

Cons of coil mattress

  • There is a bounce due to coil and if you sleep with your partner then you may have disturbed sleep
  • Dust mites may accumulate between coils and might lead to allergic reaction

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses can be compared with sandwich where different ingredients like cheese, meat or vegetable is used. In the same way, foam mattresses construction may vary like sandwich. In the market, you will find different brands with different levels of foam density and weight.

Following are three main types of foam

  • Latex foam

They are available in synthetic, natural or blended varieties. They produce high level of bounce.

  • Memory foam

These foams are made with polyurethane and few other materials.

  • Poly foam

Here air can pass easily through the holes and due to which comfortable padding is created. These foams are also made of polyurethane.

Latex and memory foams are mostly available in the market and they are quite durable too.


  • It can easily form the contour of your body
  • Better motion control and hence can have undisturbed sleep
  • Reduced compression and hence prevents sunken spots


  • You may find it hotter if you are used to spring mattress
  • Foam layer may produce some odor
  • Those who have allergy with rubber may find difficulty with the latex foam

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