Having a beard is trendy. That’s a fact not to be ignored, because you’ll find them everywhere: They are in the subway, fetching bread and you meet them in the gym. But only very few people know that men with beards do something for their health through the gorgeous hair on their faces.

Protection from environmental influences – beards declare war on skin aging

UV rays massively damage the skin and cause it to age prematurely. Wind blight also dries out the skin, causing it to lose its vitality. However, facial hair can protect your skin from these damaging factors. That keeps you young! However, the protection factor depends on the density and length of your beard. In general: the bushier the better!

Allergy protection or more precisely, the beard as a built-in pollen trap

Many people – whether bearded or not – suffer from allergies. However, those with beards have the clear advantage that they can intercept pollen buzzing around in the air, which thus does not even get into the respiratory tract. This prevents the unpleasant allergy symptoms that would otherwise plague you. But be careful: in this case, beard care must be taken even more seriously than usual, i.e. do not let the daily cleaning rub off.

More beard, less skin impurities

Daily shaving can aggravate skin problems. Regular removal of historical hair can quickly lead to irritation, inflammation and ingrown hair. Almost every fourth man regularly suffers from razor burn. If a beard is not an option, you shouldn’t shave every day to give your skin a break in between. In addition, softening the beard hair before shaving prevents skin irritation. Simply work for 60 seconds with beard oil (you can get some beard oil here:beardandshave.de/collections/bartoel) foam or a warm damp cloth. It is even better to leave the beard standing.

In order to fully exploit the health benefits, however, beard care must be capitalized. Studies show that some beards are dirtier than public toilets. Therefore, something good is done especially under good cleaning and care of his health!

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