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Food serves as the lens that enables several travelers to have a view of the world. It is an exciting opportunity to walk down the streets of a specific town. You should have an experienced local guide with you who can provide knowledge, access, and sumptuous bites along the way.

Here are some famous culinary tours that will truly make your foodie bucket list unique:


Thailand can be categorized into five major culinary areas: the north (including Chiangmai City), the south (including the Thailand Gulf), the northeast, the central plains, and Bangkok. Every area Growing area has its style of cooking, based on the available ingredients and local flavors. Consider sampling recipes from different regions to get a sense of the culinary tour in Thailand. You will find that your culinary tastes can contribute better to certain areas compared to others.

In terms of food from the northern region, you will find dishes with no coconut milk on it, different vegetable and vegan recipes, spicy meat dishes like the Northern curry or Thai jungle curry. You will also find sticky rice, fish, red meat, and spicy dips for lettuce wraps and other raw vegetables. Food in the northeastern region includes fish, beef, chicken, boar, pork, green papaya with sticky rice, clear curries, and coconut milk-dishes. The usual cooking methods are broiling and roasting.

In the southern region of Thailand, you will find seafood dishes, coconut milk-based curries, fish sauces, and fresh tropical fruits like papaya, mangosteen, pineapple, and mango. Food in the Central Plains includes pad Thai, fish, chicken, beef, rice noodles, banana, mango, and jasmine-scented rice.

In Bangkok, the Palace-style cooking of food has been adapted. They also serve jellies, puddings, and cakes made from sugar, egg, rice, and coconut. They also have elaborately carved vegetables decorating every dish. The usual dessert is a sweet blackened jelly made from the brown “hair” of coconuts.


Take a tour around Vancouver where you will find immigrant and seafood cuisines. What’s more fun is to go downtown and try the food in food trucks and food stalls that sell authentic tandoori naan and hoisin chicken wraps. The best part is that people can skip the long lines when buying food.


You can stroll down the busy streets of Tokyo to explore new food and go on an Oishii culinary tour. Oishii (oh-ee-shee) means “delicious” in Japanese. The Tokyo culinary tour also shows hidden eateries and neighborhoods where food can be sampled.

There are also sit-down restaurants where locals and tourists can eat full meals. Traditional Japanese cuisine like udon, fried noodles, stingray, okonomiyaki, sake, raw fish, and Yakitori, as well as Japanese ice cream can also be found along the streets of Tokyo.


You can also experience one of the best culinary tours in Hanoi. You can go around Tet, which is the Vietnamese celebration of the lunar New Year. You can try out unique and new dishes as well as drink fresh Bia hoi and eat street-side barbecue, as one of the Tet traditions.


One of the most unusual culinary tours can be done in the Northern Territory of Australia. You can follow the instructions of a local guide and go foraging for honey ants, spiky spinifex grass for searing heat, and seeds for making Aboriginal bread or damper. You can also look for the unique Grevillea or honey gem plant and quandong or desert peach.

If you choose one of these culinary tours or discover others on your own, taking part in a culinary journey would dramatically improve your travel experience.

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