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In the past, when a person lost his teeth, he could only choose dental implants. However, traditional dental implants have many shortcomings, such as the teeth are comfortable to wear and not durable. However, today, more and more people choose dental implants. Because this new filling method makes up for many of the shortcomings of traditional fillings, and can even be comparable to our real teeth.

Which type of filling is better for adults who have lost their teeth?

We humans have two natural teeth. The first pair is our deciduous teeth, and the second pair is permanent teeth. If it is due to an accidental loss or an oral disease that causes our permanent teeth to fall out, then it is impossible to grow teeth naturally, and only to install false teeth. Traditional dental restorations can be divided into two types: movable denture restorations and fixed crown and bridge restorations. However, these two methods have defects in function and aesthetics, and can no longer meet the aesthetic needs of today’s patients. Therefore, it is best to choose the latest type of teeth to meet the patient’s pursuit of beauty.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants?


independent roots, without affecting our other teeth. If the patient has a large number of tooth gaps and atrophied gums, different numbers of roots can be implanted to restore the patient’s dental function. The tooth-bearing form is very similar to our original teeth. This can regain our chewing function to the maximum. The daily diet can be solved, and even nut-like food can be eaten.


A dental implant cost is high. Also, the treatment cycle for dental implants is long. Generally, it takes 4-5 months for maxillary teeth, and 2-3 months for mandible teeth. Also, in the repair treatment, you need to be continuously revisited on time to maintain oral hygiene and cleanliness.

  Does the tooth have an age requirement?

If it is a person who wants to plant teeth, all developments of the body must have matured. That means men over 18 and women over 17. These are the minimum requirements for age. There is no limit to the maximum age, and people older than 80 can also perform dental implants.

Who is not suitable for dental implants?

In general, a person who can tolerate conventional tooth extraction can endure the pain of dental implants. However, some patients have these underlying diseases, such as severe heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis, etc. People with these conditions are not suitable for ending dental implants right away. “Be sure to consult with the Dentist In Altamonte Springs to learn more about the best treatment plan to suit your needs” Also, people who have long-term smoking and light mouth hygiene are not ideal for immediate dental implant surgery.

If the patient’s funds allow and can tolerate the pain during the operation, it is recommended to perform dental implants to create a beautiful and convenient tooth for himself. If the economy is challenging, then you can choose to perform traditional frontal surgery.

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