If you are planning to get your company reach the top rungs of its business and promote the services and products that you have in the best possible manner, press release distribution is a task that you would have to inevitably take up. The present world is steeped in a virtual environment, with companies trying to take advantage of this situation and pander to a large number of internet users with various PR and marketing techniques. One of the most reliable and time-proven techniques to attract an audience for your company’s products or services are press release distribution services. Press releases have the capability of convincing a potential customer by letting them know about the lucrative features and qualities of a particular product or service and if distributed in the correct manner it also has the capability of reaching a vast number of audiences. Therefore, it is vital that you take the help of a professional press release distribution service provider, and which company could be better than the best in the business; Linking News.

Linking News: The best press release distribution service

Linking News has consolidated their reputation and customer base over the years, by providing stellar press release distribution services to all of their clients. Linking News has been in the business for a considerable amount of time and this has provided them with the adequate knowledge and expertise that is required for providing the best press release distribution services in the industry. Linking News also enables companies to create press releases that are of great quality and are sure to make an impact upon distribution. Linking News goes beyond the given task of press release distribution service and provides expert insight in order to help you produce press releases that are search engine optimized and perfectly formatted. Linking News also has a number of innovative services that make press release distribution all the more exciting and helps you reap the maximum amount of benefits. A brilliant network with a vast reach and popularity are some of the other factors that make Linking News the best press release distribution service in the industry. Linking News not only distributes your press releases, but also ensures that by doing so your company is able to attain maximum profitability. It is this intimacy with which they deal with every single client is what makes Linking News the ideal choice for your press release distribution service needs.

Complete privacy with Linking News

While conducting business, it is very important that your strategies and techniques are kept a secret from the eyes of your competitors. If your competitors get any inkling about the techniques or strategies that you are implementing, they might take advantage of the situation and gather profits for themselves by implementing the same method. PR and marketing are sensitive departments of a company, whereby privacy is of the utmost importance. Linking News understands this need for privacy, while distributing the press releases of your company and thereby provides you with the option of selecting their innovative White Label Press Release plan, which has been specifically created in order to ensure privacy.

The White Label Press Release Distribution Service includes two separate parts that are involved in ensuring the privacy of the press release distribution services that you seek from Linking News. The White Label Press Release Distribution Service comprises of the Unbranded Press Release Service and the Private Label Press Release Service. These two together complete the plan that guarantees the privacy of the third party press release distribution service that you have hired from Linking News.

  • Unbranded Press Release Distribution Service – The unbranded press release distribution service guarantees that Linking News will under no circumstance publish the press releases that you have given them to distribute on the official website of Linking News. Furthermore, they also promise that the brand name of Linking News will not be mentioned in any of the press releases that get distributed by them for you. By doing so, they eliminate any chance of your competitors connecting your company with the services provided by Linking News.
  • Private Label Press Release Distribution Service – The private label press release distribution service is the perfect choice for marketing, SEO and PR agencies, which can avail these services and distribute the press releases of their clients with their own private labels.

A network worth mentioning

Apart from the innovative While Label service that Linking News provides, another important factor that makes this company the best press release distribution service in the industry, is the fact that it has a network that is strong and capable of distributing your press releases in front of a vast and huge audience. It is always desirable for any company to reach a large number of people. Reaching a huge audience is at the very heart of PR and marketing, and Linking News enables you to achieve that with their impressive press release distribution services over a network that is large and commendable. The network of Linking News has a global reach with more than 2,000 media outlets being part of Linking News in China. Linking News enjoys special popularity in the Asian region and helps distribute your press releases in front of a favorable Chinese crowd. Apart from this, Linking News also has a network that is vast. The number of people associated with the company is huge, with as many as 1,000+ social media networks, 30,000+ journalists and 10,000+ media outlets being part of this huge network. This huge network enables Linking News to distribute your press releases far and wide and accumulate the highest levels of exposure for your company’s products or services. Big names like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Reuters, MSNBC, etc. are also part of the prestigious network of Linking News. Getting your press releases featured on credible sites like these increases the reputation of your company and creates a larger customer base. It is these features that also make Linking News the best press release distribution service in the industry and the ideal choice that you should make if you are thinking about taking the help of a professional press release distribution service provider.

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