Have you ever wondered which locations Overwatch copied from the real world? Overwatch has taken inspiration from many places around the world. In this post, we’ll be looking at ten of the best Overwatch locations inspired by real places.

Overwatch Locations Inspired By Wonders Of The World

Overwatch has many hidden easter eggs and designs that reference the current or ancient wonders of the world. Let’s first look at the maps where you can find these references.

  1. Temple of Anubis

Outside of Cairo, Egypt’s capital, you’ll find one of the great wonders of the world – the pyramids. These impressive structures have been around for millennia and aren’t going anywhere soon. Overwatch took inspiration from Giza’s pyramids and sphinx to create the map’ Temple of Anubis’. There are also many hints of Egyptian mythology.

  1. Petra

Another Overwatch location inspired by a wonder of the world, Petra, is a Deathmatch map. Overwatch has also taken inspiration from mythology with this map. See if you can follow the twisting passages to find the winged lion! You can find the real Petra in South Jordan.

  1. Ilios

You might think Ilios is as Greek as it gets. Well, that’s because Ilios is a real place! Santorini island and Ilios share many parallels. The clear white walls and mythological sculptures are akin in both the game and the real world.

Next time you’re in this Overwatch location, try to spot the giant Greek warrior statue! It’s a reference to another ancient wonder of the world – the Colossus Of Rhodes.

Overwatch Locations Inspired By Real Towns and Cities

Some places around the world are truly appealing. Here we’ll look at the maps and locations inspired by towns and cities across the globe.

  1. King’s Row

If you’ve ever been to or even heard of London, you’ll recognize many British elements in this map. From the Big Ben clock tower to the tall streets, this Overwatch location is best enjoyed with a cuppa. Next time you’re in Cambridge, take a look around and notice the similarities. But, don’t let that distract you from the human-omnic warzone. Push the payload!

  1. Dorado

This Mexican map is surprisingly inspired by a town in Italy – Manarola. The colorful hillside map combines Mexican culture with Italian inspiration to create Dorado. This Overwatch location, when translated from Spanish, means ‘Golden’ and might be a reference to the mythical Aztec city El Dorado. This Escort map is perfect for heroes such as Widowmaker and Torbjörn.

  1. Rialto

Venice is famous for its canals, and that’s exactly what has inspired Rialto. The Venetian waterways are central to this Overwatch location. They create an atmosphere of peace. But, don’t let that fool you – it’s also home to the terrorist organization Talon!

  1. Hollywood

The design of this map comes from – you guessed it – Hollywood and the film industry. This map has Overwatch locations that are a fan-favorite of film fanatics. Look for the Wild West scenes of ‘Six-Gun Killer’ to the aliens of ‘They Came From Beyond The Moon’.

The map and its real-world counterpart are so closely related that Overwatch used a giant Tracer figure to promote the game’s release!

Other Places Of Inspiration For Overwatch

Finally, here are a few other locations in Overwatch that are inspired by real places.

  1. Eichenwalde

This Overwatch location takes inspiration from Hohenzollern Castle, found south of Hechingen, Germany. Fun fact: the castle has been destroyed twice and rebuilt three times! Now you know why the map seems demolished.

Inside the castle, you’ll find a mythical griffin on the banner opposite the throne.

  1. Oasis

Although set in Iraq, this Overwatch location takes inspiration from Dubai. There are many luxurious aspects found in Dubai that have influenced Oasis’ design. All that money wasn’t put to aesthetics alone, though. The city is constantly developing breakthrough technologies!

  1. Hanamura

There are many elements of Japanese culture present in Hanamura, our next Overwatch location. It’s inspired by the Buddhist Temple of Equality – Byōdō-in – in Uji, Japan. With a 1000-year history, it’s no surprise that this beautiful temple inspired your favorite Japanese map.

To wrap up, it’s clear that Overwatch is a fan of taking inspiration from places around the world. The Overwatch team also seems to have a clear interest in mythology! We first looked at the archaeological inspiration for the Temple of Anubis and Petra. Then we learned of the real-world adaptations of Ilios, Hollywood, and Rialto. Overwatch has some truly realistic locations – because the Overwatch team takes inspiration from the real world! Thanks for reading!

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