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Birthdays are always special! It comes once a year and enables you to spend the day the way you want. Whether it’s your birthday or of someone dear, you always have the chance to make the best choices. And it all starts with your birthday cake. Gone are the days when you had to opt-in for the generic cake from the confectionary. Today, you have the chance to have the same customized from a reputed online store.

The online world is expanding at a fast pace. You can select the best store for your customized birthday cake – browse through to know more.

Are you short of ideas regarding customizing birthday cakes? If yes, you can count on the ones that are discussed below.

  1. Chocolate cakes never go out of fashion

You can never go wrong with chocolates! So on your birthday you can go all out and opt-in for the best chocolate cakes that come in various types. Some of the popular categories include the following:

  • The conventional chocolate cake in two layers
  • Dark chocolate cake
  • Chocolate and caramel cake
  • Chocolate, caramel, nougat, and nuts cakes
  • Dark chocolate mousse cake
  • Chocolate mud-pie cake
  • Chocolate fudge or brownie cake

You can customize these cakes with the topping that you like best! You also can select the size based on your requirement. The online stores can customize and bake a cake for one and two pounds without any hassle. Should need to increase the size you can customize it accordingly.

  1. The rainbow and unicorn cake

Children would love this cake variant! Colors always impress a kid, even on a customized cake. So go all out and ask your cake store owner to customize a rainbow and unicorn cake for your little one. You can get this done in a three huge layer cake. And you can use marzipan to create the unicorn atop the cake. You will come across several designs for the same. Usually, it is a combination of white and milk chocolate cream with colored cake layers in between. You can opt-in for the mix that you like best.

  1. The matcha birthday cake

If you have been wondering about the matcha cheesecake and cupcakes, you also have the chance to make the most of the customized matcha birthday cakes. It is one of the famous birthday cake types for people who want to experiment with new flavors and cake types. The cake essentially will be green in color, because of the matcha ingredient. However, the taste will depend on the cream and chocolate choice.

  1. The white chocolate cake

Similar to the dark chocolate cake the white chocolate too is classic and has an audience section. The most popular variant for this is the white forest cake which is loved both by kids and adults alike. You can customize the design as per your choice.

These are the popular four birthday cake types that you can customize today from an online service provider. Other aspects like wrapping and birthday slogans can get customized the way you want to. Compare the price before you opt-in for a service provider.

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