Tote bags are very much in vogue these days. They can be used for all kinds of shopping. A typical tote bag comes in a particular shape i.e. a large fabric pouch with two large handles. These bags have been in use for centuries; however, their newfound importance is given more stress recently because of their environmental impact.

The word tote comes from African origin which means ‘to carry’. So, these are purpose-built bags, and that is to carry groceries or other shopping items. If you are a business, you need to consider getting custom printed bags.

Here’s why:

Tote bags are eco-friendly

Unlike plastic bags, tote bags are environment-friendly. Plastic bags have this tendency to pollute the environment whereas these have zero negative effects on the habitat of humans as well as that of animals. Secondly, plastic bags ruin aesthetics when they have littered around after their use. On the other hand, tote bags are used over and over again. So, the chances of going astray into the environment and ruining the aesthetics of the surroundings are very little when you use tote bags. It is also pertinent to note that plastic bags absorb heat and therefore lead to global warming while tote bags are like any other clothing item so their effect on heat absorption and global warming is minimal. This, however, is a long debate and can go on forever. So, we will simply leave the environmental benefits of tote bags behind and jump to their next benefit, which is durability.

Tote bags are durable

Durability is a huge plus point when we compare tote bags with regular plastic bags. Imagine yourself shopping at some grocery store. Now imagine that you have purchased a lot of grocery items in one go because you don’t like shopping grocery too often. Now also imagine yourself carrying some eight to ten plastic bags carrying all the groceries. Feels like a hassle, right? We know. Now imagine yourself carrying a single tote bag with your purchased grocery in it. Feel convenient, right? We know! Since tote bags are manufactured by stitching pieces of fabric together, therefore, it is much more durable than any plastic bag. Tote bags have the capacity to withhold heavy weights which is very rare in other types of synthetic bags.

Tote bags are easy to make

Do you feel that there exists an artistic side in you which have been hiding since long? If true, then this is the time that you unleash that creative side of yours and start making tote bags for yourself. Tote bags are easy to make. All you need to do is take some pieces of clothes and stitch them together. However, it sounds easier than done. You definitely need to take care of the size of each patch as well as the stripes. This is because if there is a difference in size, then you won’t get the desired shape or size of the bag. All you need to do is exercise a bit of care and precision, and within a matter of minutes, your tote bag will be ready to use.

Tote bags  are inexpensive

There are numerous grocery stores that charge you a certain amount of money for each plastic bag that you get to put groceries in. So, buying plastic bags is basically equivalent to paying money for degrading the environment, polluting oceans and land habitat, and increasing global warming. However, you can stop contributing to that by using a tote bag whenever going out for shopping. Tote bags can be prepared using extra clothing times at your home. Therefore, your input cost is literally zero with tote bags. Moreover, you won’t have to pay for a shopping bag every time you’ll be out to get some groceries.


I think we have already made our point. Tote bags are far superior in quality and strength as compared to routine plastic bags. Moreover, they are pretty inexpensive and have minimal impact on our environment. These, along with many others, are the reasons why you should always prefer carrying a tote bag with yourself whenever going for shopping.

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