The craze for bamboo fiber materials is quite high these days around the world. And it’s for the same reason that weighted blankets are best made from bamboo fibers. If you are in search of the best quality weighted blankets, then you must ensure that it’s made of bamboo fiber. The importance of bamboo fibers can be realized as you know how bamboo is different for traditional cotton, and what effect it brings on the skin.

Go for bamboo made weighted blankets

Already growing bamboo is a lot easier than growing natural organic cotton. That’s because to grow a bamboo plant you need one third the water that is required for growing cotton. Also, bamboo grows faster and grows without the support of pesticides. It’s a quickly growing resource for high-quality fabrics that are much softer than organic cotton at its best quality. The fabric made from bamboo fibers is inexpensive, and yet does not attract molds and mildew, fungi and bacteria, and also do not breed allergens on it. Bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic, free from chemicals, and much softer, thereby giving a very safe and soft feeling to sensitive skin. That is why, if you are looking for weighted blankets go for bamboo made weighted blankets.

The amazing combination of bamboo and glass beads

Bamboo and glass beads make an amazing combination to form high technology weighted blankets. At one side small biodegradable glass beads in each inner pocket of the blanket make for the ultimate weighted experience which forms the soft and comfortable pressure on the body while winding the blanket, and on the other side, the bamboo fabric makes for the ultimate soft, cool, and smooth material that pampers the skin.

Overall the skin stays cool in all weather, the body does not get sweaty, and you do not feel suffocated and fidgety inside the weighted blanket. The weight helps you get to sleep quicker than usual. Overall it’s a nice experience of feeling cooler in the warmer months, and warmer in the cooler month using a bamboo weighted blankets, and you really can enjoy the feel through the year.

Get rid of insomnia

One of the major problems in advancing age is insomnia or lack of sleep. Many people have difficulty sleeping, while many wake up at the middle of the night. And this happens due to several age-related disorders in the body. But insomnia is also felt in younger ages by many. A good organic solution to insomnia is a weighted blanket, which exerts just the correct amount of comforting pressure all over the body to improve circulation and help in better sleep. A weighted blanket exerts the right weight on the body to promote better sleep. And bamboo helps keep off moisture from the body which helps in those cases where the body gets too sweaty.


Whether you are getting too sweaty under a blanket even in the coldest weather, or have difficulty in sleeping, a weighted blanket made from bamboo Lyocell fibers offers the right solution to comfortable sleeping.

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