Snacks come in two types of flavours: sweet and savoury. Meat snacks are usually salty or spicy and have meat as the foundation. Meat pies, for example, are a typical Australian snack that has meat as the main component. While a variety of snacks are popular across the world, meat nibbles appear to be more popular due to their varied flavour and texture.

Biltong, especially, is quite popular when talking about meat snacks. Professionals make them using different kinds of meat.

Originally, Biltong is a South African food that is now easily available online in Australia and other countries.

How Did Biltong Originate?

This meat evolved from the dried meat carried by wagon-travellers in long routes. They needed stocks of durable food as they migrated from one part of South Africa to the other. The meat is known to be made with vinegar and spices. It is then hung to be air-dried for around 14 days during the winter! It’s believed that colder temperatures protect the meat from developing any sort of bacterial and fungal growth. Once dried, the biltong was packed in cloth bags as it allowed air circulation which maintains its taste. Later on, new methods involved heating the meat by keeping them in cardboard or wooden boxes. Though, due to the increased risk of bacterial and fungal growth this idea was not very successful.

A traditional slow dry method takes up to 4 days for this meat to get ready. Although oven-dried meat is ready for consumption in a day or two, biltong makers still consider slowly dried meat to be safer and of superior quality.


This meat has a consumer base spread all across the world.

In Malaysia, this meat is used in making Kuih Cara Berlauk. It is a savoury appetiser that looks like meat cakes baked in cake moulds. People in Korea are usually Squid and Calamari lovers. Hence, one of the most popular meat snacks there is- Dried squid.

According to searches, producers ship over 100 tons of biltongs annually! Even after the recipe was made public, Australian Biltong is considered the finest and most premium. This makes it one of the biggest exporters of meat in the whole world.

Health Benefits

  • Professionals use sea salt as one of the primary ingredients for seasoning. Unlike processed salt, raw sea salt has various benefits that make them preferable today. Raw sea salt helps our body maintain fluid balance and regulate blood pressure.
  • If made with the original recipe, it does not require any sugar, soy, gluten, or unnecessary additives in the process of making it. Therefore, it’s the best, protein-rich food one can have on any day. It also makes for an excellent post-workout meal.
  • You can have biltong any time. Unlike other dishes, which are a proper meal, this can be consumed any time during the day. It is therefore considered as a snack, starter and even a part of our main course meal.
  • The low-fat content of this meat meal makes it even more attractive. From kids to adults, anyone can eat it as it’s easily digestible.

Why Is Biltong Getting Popularity

Unlike other food, it is not cooked or smoked. It is getting famous as a meat snack which runs in competition with potato chips and popcorn and is healthier when compared. According to a research study, an average U.S household spends around $25.81 per year on meat snacks alone.

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