In Latin American culture and in many parts of the US, there is a family event called Quinceanera, which means ‘15 years’ and is the time when a girl begins her transition into womanhood. This is a fun party that is hosted by the girl’s family and all relatives and friends are cordially invited to the party, which would likely have live music.

The Quinceanera

In Mexican culture, the girl approaching her 15th birthday will be the Quinceanera for the evening, while in the US, the Quinceanera is the name of the event, which is a slight, but important difference.

Traditional Meaning

In the past, in many South American cultures, girls would busy themselves around the home, learning to cook and clean and when they reached the age of 15, their father would invite suitors from other villages, young men who would be accompanied by their parents. If the father of a boy wished to talk to the girl’s father about a possible union, this would take place over a few drinks.

There would be a dowry involved and in many countries, there would have to be a religious harmony. Needless to say, not every negotiation was successful and if there were no conclusions, the girl would attend at a different social event and the whole process would be repeated. As with most cultures, the women are highly valued and organised marriages were very much the way things were done a couple of centuries ago.

The Modern Quinceanera

The main focus of the party is to celebrate the girl reaching the age when she begins to transition into womanhood and it is customary for all to dress up, with the birthday girl wearing a long, flowing gown and looking her very best! Of course, the music would be chosen by the host and there would be lots of photo opportunities for Facebook & Instagram, with the young people having fun. Whether or not parents attend would be down to each individual case; generally, this is an evening for the youngsters and while the host’s parents would obviously be there, other adults might not. If you are looking for Quinceanera dresses 2022 styles, check out the leading online designer dress boutique where they have all the answers.

 Some traditions are still practiced; the girl and her father would arrive through the front door while music is played, while flowers (roses) might be given to the father, the girl, or both. Traditionally, the first dance is reserved for the girl and her father and he would be wearing his best suit, while his daughter would wear a stunning gown that she chose for the occasion.

If you are fast approaching your 15th birthday, maybe now is the time to start looking at Quinceanera dresses and with your parent’s help, you can arrange a great event and invite all your friends to join with you in celebrating your coming of age.

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