Environmental pollution is one of the biggest threats to modern day life. The only solution to many such concerns regarding contamination of environment is conservation of natural resources such as preserving our forests and other valuable natural resources for the future generations. Under this critical phase, the use of organic or eco friendly materials is a highly needed. One of such materials which are produced especially to reduce contamination of environment and promotion of better human health and fitness are eco friendly mattresses or organic mattresses.

There are a lot of beneficial aspects of eco friendly mattresses such as being absolutely environmental friendly and leaving behind no contamination. In the production of organic mattresses, exclusively all natural products and natural methods are used and hence environment remains safe from contamination.

If you are making a choice of organic mattress and you are seriously concerned about environmental concerns such as emission of carbon dioxide and over use of pesticides etc, there are generally 10 points to consider which include online reviews, consultation with doctor, orthopedic friendly features of the mattresses, test drive of the mattress you are interested in purchasing, firmness of the mattress (firm mattresses are not always beneficial for back), guarantees, trial period, available options and variations, customizability, specialized stores where eco friendly mattresses are there with varieties etc. There are a lot of benefits of using eco friendly or organic mattresses, some of the key benefits of using eco friendly mattresses are mentioned below:

Environmental friendly mattresses

The components used in most of the organic mattresses are generally renewable and are exclusively free of chemical inclusions and harmful products such as chemical adhesives and retardants. We can also say that the materials used in making such mattresses are absolutely biodegradable and sustainable. The impact on environment is almost zero when biodegradable and sustainable materials are used.

Peace of mind

For people who are concerned about environment, it is always a good feeling to use products which are not causing any harm or contamination in the atmosphere. It is a simple and awesome way to go green. Another best feature about such mattresses is that they are easily broken down naturally and do not affect the surrounding environment.

Regulation of body temperature

Organic or eco friendly mattresses have tremendous ability to regulate the body temperature. The special cooling system of organic mattress wicks away the moisture of the body. This ensures better heart rate due to low moisture content next to skin. You can get cozy night rest during any season as the optimal skin temperature is created.

Chemical free formulas

The organic products are grown naturally, no chemicals like pesticides are used in the manufacturing of organic products. Since most of the people are prone to allergies and respiratory concerns due to the use of traditional mattresses, this is a safer and better option for such people. The natural fibers are used in organic mattresses which are non toxic and ideal for human health.

No off gassing

As the mattresses are free of chemicals, there is no chance of off gassing or contamination in the environment. This is much needed as most of the gases which are released while spraying pesticides contribute to green house effect and resulting in global warming.

Comfort level of eco friendly mattresses

Another important aspect of using eco friendly or organic mattresses is that they are comfortable as compared to traditionally used mattresses. Since the organic mattress has ability to mold to the natural contours of the body they are more comfortable and healthy as compared to memory foams. If you are looking for more comfort while sleeping and better resting material the eco friendly mattresses are best for you. since the use of these mattress ensure better molding to body contours, motion transfers are also isolated by them and consequently you will need to turn less while sleeping. This action allows better sleep and a better day ahead. Organic mattresses are cozier than traditional mattresses and help in temperature regulation as you are sleeping which keeps you cool and comfortable as you are taking rest. The eco friendly mattresses are especially designed to be more supportive to your back and ensure better alignment of your spine. Plenty of air spaces are present in between the cells of organic mattress and as a result of it, pressure is distributed evenly across the bed, this action promotes better circulation of blood during sleeping hours.


The eco friendly mattresses are customizable in unique way. You can customize such mattresses according to your needs such as level of firmness can be adjusted and this makes the mattress more versatile. The traditional mattresses are generally not customizable and hence they lack versatility as well.

Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial

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mattress 2489612 640

These mattresses are hypoallergenic and hence for the people with hypersensitivity the use of this mattress ensures less allergic reactions and better health. The traditional mattresses are often not suitable for the people with allergic reactions, respiratory concerns and irritation etc.

Eco friendly mattresses are anti microbial as well, they do not allow dust mites (major cause of irritation and allergy) to grow and survive. The biggest advantage is that, you don’t need to put a plastic cover on the mattress to keep away the dust mites. The use of plastic covers on the mattress is also not recommended since you can have more sweat production and the sleeping pattern is greatly disturbed. For the people suffering from various skin allergies, respiratory concerns such as asthma, the use of eco friendly mattress is a best and safest option.

Bottom Line

As we have discussed the advantages of eco friendly mattress, it is very much clear that they are environmental friendly and do not result in contamination of environment, more comfortable as compared to traditional mattress, hypoallergenic and customizable. They can help to reduce body temperature and promote better sleep. All these features make eco friendly mattress better and superior over other traditional mattresses.

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