Strategies For Getting More Customers

In this article, we will share with you 7 strategies that will allow you to get more customers and increase your income. 

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t have to apply each of them. Select only the ones that best fit your situation and take action!

Reconnect With Old Contacts

We are sure you have countless contacts you are not taking advantage of. They may be the people met 10 years ago, your old schoolmates, or even your neighbors. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to reconnect with them.

You would be surprised if you knew how many people you have met throughout your life can become your potential customers or help you make useful connections.

It is no secret that contacts make the world go round. Many a time, due to shyness or unwillingness to leave our comfort zone, we hide in our shell and do not want to cultivate relationships. It’s time to change that!

Action Plan

Make a list of ten old contacts and email or call them. You can also send them a message via LinkedIn or simply mail them a letter. It’s entirely up to you what channel you’ll choose.

Turn your “dormant” relationship into an active one and increase your income opportunities.

Reconnect With Your Old Customers

If you have customers who bought from you once and went away satisfied, why not reconnect with them? 

Whether you have a law firm, provide graphic design services, manage a platform like, or sell natural products, you should never lose contact with your former clients.

For example, you can do a workshop for your former clients during which you can make them a promotional offer. You can also email them an exclusive offer for having been your client all this time. Or you can simply make a phone call to see how they’re doing. This way, your old customers will keep you in mind and, they were happy with your products or services, contact your company again.

OK, let’s say they contacted you but didn’t end up hiring you. That’s perfectly normal. The company representatives did leave you their email, didn’t they? So, why not use it from time to time? All of them are potential clients you can maintain contact with and reactivate their interest.

Action Plan

Think of three actions you can take to reactivate an old client. For example, if you are a graphic designer, you can contact your former client and offer to upgrade their corporate image at a special price for being a “regular customer.”

Provide New Products/Services to Current Customers

Your current customers are happy with your products and services, right? So, why not offer them new products or services?

Some studies show that you can increase your revenue twofold by offering new products or services to your current customers. That’s far more effective than trying to attract new customers.

But for that, you must know your clients perfectly and provide something really useful and valuable to them.

For example, if your current clients don’t have a well-optimized website, you can optimize it for them.

Action Plan

Brainstorm new products or services you can offer your current customers. Once you have this list, rate the products or services in order of priority or importance for your current customers. Don’t leave anything to chance and control each of the steps you take in your business.

Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

You should be really careful about implementing these two strategies. If you do something wrong, your potential clients may turn around and leave for good.

Up-selling is used during the sales process. It’s a strategy that centers around convincing potential customers to buy a higher quality product. If successful, it can boost your sales dramatically. 

It’s all about selling a product that has a greater profit margin or greater benefit for your business. 

On the other hand, cross-selling is about persuading customers to purchase a specific product or service that best meets their needs.

For example, you have an online fitness store. If someone buys a bicycle, you can offer them to buy a helmet to complete. This way, you’ll be increasing the transaction value of each of your clients and obtaining more income with each sale that you make.  

Action Plan

First, think about whether there’s a place for this strategy within your company. Then, make a list of 3 products or services that you could relate to your main one(s) and use up-selling or cross-selling strategies with them.

Establish Strategic Alliances

You have already tried to implement it, and it hasn’t worked for you? Indeed, the majority of strategic alliances that self-employed individuals or small businesses make are not fruitful. And the primary reason for that is that they are made from an incorrect perspective. We’ll let you know how to make strategic alliances that bring you a good income.

  1. First, NEVER ally with anyone whose level of competence is lower than yours, either directly or indirectly.
  2. Second, look for companies that have the same target audience as you. Often, businesses make the mistake of collaborating with companies that do NOT target the audience they’re interested in. So, don’t waste your time or resources on them.
  3. Third, when you sign a collaboration agreement, make sure it has an action plan that you and the other party will comply with. 
  4. Finally, always keep in mind that your collaboration with other companies must benefit your customers.

For example, if you have a financial advisory business, you could make a strategic alliance with an accounting company. It is a win-win situation for you, your collaborator, and your customers.

Action Plan

Think about the strategic partnerships you have had so far and analyze if they have been beneficial for your company. If they are not, withdraw them and start over. If you feel you should form one, you should have a mutually binding action plan. 

In case you do not have strategic alliances, you should think of 3 types of companies you could collaborate with. Then, you should come up with an action plan and propose it to them.

Do a Lot of Pedagogy

We believe that the client knows what needs or problems they have. That’s not the case. We should educate them on what their needs are. Only this way will we be able to see and understand who needs the product or service. 

You should train your potential in what their problems and needs are, and what benefits your product or service will bring them. 

Whether you sell products or services, this is a strategy that can bring you benefits, both in the short and long term. 

Imagine having a store selling organic products: you can conduct a training course or free presentations during which you can show the benefits of eating foods of a certain type.

Action Plan

Make a list of 10 topics in which you could train your potential clients and get down to work. For example. You can offer free workshops in your or your associate’s office.

Don’t Put Aside those Who Are Upset 

There are many potential customers out there who are unhappy about your competitors. Why not do something special for them? 

And don’t tell us you don’t know how to find those clients. Today, the Internet provides you with almost infinite opportunities. There are forums or corporate pages on social networks where you can find those unhappy customers. You can even detect why they are unhappy and offer them something that fits their true needs or solves their problems.

Action Plan

Do a little research on forums, specialized pages, or social networks, and make a special offer for the “discontented” ones.

Designing Your Own Strategies

When designing your own strategies, you should always keep in mind your ideal client. Only by remembering people you’re working for will you be able to make them a success. 

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