While working in a labor demanding factory, the risk for injuries grows tenfold. Factory related injuries are among the top 10 injury cases per year. And the financial and physical toll they take is another story entirely. All of these combine to cost employees and workplaces and have a negative impact on revenue and the overall betterment of employees and factories alike. Therefore, it is important to build a safe workplace culture that minimizes risk and maximizes benefits. In this blog, we’ll talk about 7 measures to improve workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Tips

1.  Train Employees Frequently

Comprehensive safety training for employees when they begin working at any new place is important. But take a moment and think about how frequently you provide this training. When was the last time you trained employees? Was it a week ago? A month ago? A year ago? Or even longer? For a safe working environment, it’s not enough that employees are trained for all positions, but also that this training is reinforced after every few weeks.

Heard the saying better safe than sorry? That’s what you should apply when it comes to workplace safety. Over-prepping is never a bad idea. Have regular safety meetings where training and knowledge are provided to employees for them to follow strictly.

2.  Provide PPEs

Make sure your employees have the right equipment to protect them from hazards and dangerous chemicals. Provide PPEs to all employees or better yet, install a PPE vending machine of sorts to track usage so that you are aware who’s wearing a PPE and who isn’t.

Furthermore, it’s vital that the PPE employees use is kept clean and in good condition. Using years old equipment will not provide much in terms of safety, it’ll just become an added weight on following proper protocols. Keep the gear you’re providing up-to-date as frequently as possible, like leather safety gloves etc.

3.  Invest in Signs & Labels

One of the biggest reasons for workplace injuries to occur comes in the form of improper labeling of dangerous and hazardous areas. When a wire comes loose in any area, or when a puddle of water threatens to reach an exposed wire, or when warehouse products are not kept in the proper way, risking falling on someone’s head; all of these things constitute a danger and can result in serious injuries. Hence, these areas need to be properly labeled and signs need to be placed on every spot that poses a threat to employee safety.

4.  Encourage Short Breaks

Reports indicate that one of the major reasons behind the deteriorating health of employees is overworking and over-exertion. No matter the demands of your workplace, you need to understand that your employees are human, not machines. And they need proper breaks and vacations to freshen up and then get back to work. Even 5 minutes of a stretch break can go a long way to loosen tightened muscles and provide employees with the motivation to get back to work.

5.  Keep Workplace Clean

Keeping the workplace clean is one of the best ways to ensure workplace safety and avoid injuries. Keep work areas clear of spills and puddles, keep a check on tangled wires that can become a shock hazard, keep stockpiles safely organized, so they don’t end up falling over and injuring workers.

6.  Provide Proper Machine Maintenance

Old and rusted machines pose a huge threat to employee health and safety. Hence, it’s vital to keep a proper check on how your machines are working and repair/replace those that tend to act-out. Keeping machines clean and up-to-date is a good way to avoid workplace injuries.

7.  Celebrate Safe Behavior

A good way to ensure employees strictly follow all the safety training they’re being provided with is to reward them for the behavior which keeps them safe. These rewards reinforce them to keep on doing good, and they’ll willingly comply with your safety guidelines when the thought of positive rewards is serving as their motivation.

A safe workplace starts with employers who care about their workers and are willing to travel that extra mile to ensure their workers remain safe in the industry. This safety doesn’t happen overnight, it begins on day one by hiring experts and professionals who will ensure employees receive proper training and equipment to keep them away from injuries. Even if you haven’t thought about it in such detail yet, now is a good time to begin. So follow the above-mentioned workplace safety tips to minimize injury and maximize a protected environment.

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Kamil Riaz Kara is a content contributor at Mainstream and associated with digital marketing for the last six years. Presently working at Digital Eggheads, a digital marketing agency in Pakistan.

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