All dogs are worthy of love and care. Yet sadly, many of our nation’s animal shelters are full of dogs who are in need of a home. Older dogs often have to wait longer to be adopted than their puppy counterparts. However, families shouldn’t discount adopting an older dog. While it may be fun to have a puppy, adopting an older dog carries many benefits. One of the top benefits being that it has outgrown that destructive puppy phase and requires less hard work! 

Here are 6 wonderful reasons why you should adopt an older dog if you’re thinking of extending your canine family.

  1. They will be the perfect match for your family

When you’re adopting an older dog, what you see is what you get. When you adopt or buy a puppy, you never really know what they’ll be like as an adult. While puppies are cute and playful, their adult personality doesn’t come through until around 2 years old. 

When you adopt an older dog, its personality and temperament are already visible. That means you are sure to get a dog that matches your family and lifestyle needs. So, if you’re after a couch cuddle companion or are wanting a more active canine to join you on your weekend getaways, you’ll be able to be matched to the pawfect companion right then and there!

  1. Less maintenance and training

Oftentimes, senior dogs have already been house trained and know basic commands such as sit! and come! so the hard work has already been done for you. That means older dogs won’t need the commitment and time that a young puppy would need. 

This leaves more time for you and your family to enjoy your new pet and to partake in all the activities you wish to do with them, such as going on walks and playing in the park!

And if you think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, think again! Even though they may be older and know basic commands already, they can still be taught new tricks. In fact, you may find it easier to train an older dog than a puppy since they have more self-control!

  1. They can encourage you to be active

With a dog at home, you are forced to become more active. For seniors, this can be one of the biggest benefits of adopting an older dog. People over 60 are oftentimes more vulnerable to a sedentary lifestyle, which can impact their health and overall vitality. 

An older dog is the perfect antidote since they will require daily walks and playtime. The best part is, older dogs tend to be calmer than younger dogs, so older owners can feel more confident about venturing out and walking outside. 

  1. They’re still young at heart!

While older dogs may be less energetic than younger dogs, they still have their puppy moments! 

Older dogs still love to run around and play and are likely to experience excitement when introduced to your family and home. You’ll likely notice many hilarious and endearing traits and quirks as time goes by, and plenty of opportunities to witness new ‘firsts’ the more you get to know them. 

  1. They make great companions

Unlike boisterous, energetic puppies, older dogs are often more mature and enjoy cuddling up with you on the couch over hours of playing fetch. 

An older dog has often already developed a daily routine and is used to normal everyday schedules. This means they are happy to sleep when you do and engage in play or activity when you’re ready to. 

An older dog can seamlessly fit into your routine and will offer great companionship throughout the day. 

  1. They deserve a loving home 

Older dogs are just as worthy of adoption as puppies. Tragically, many older dogs are in shelters because their owner has passed away or moved to a nursing home. These dogs, therefore, are more prone to feelings of anxiety and disorientation and are desperate for a new home.

Adopting an older dog will enrich both him/her and your family at the same time. If you’re looking for a new pet, then consider visiting your local animal rescue or shelter to adopt an older dog. They still have plenty of good years left in them and will make incredible companions. Most modern shelters also provide important information such as the dog’s traits, personality, needs, and requirements. Sheltered dogs are already vaccinated, desexed, wormed and health checked so you won’t have to foot any large vet bills. An older dog will be your most loving and loyal friend, and they will make sure that you’ll never regret your choice!

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