Moroccan rugs are exceptional, hand-woven, and textiles that are famous worldwide. These are colorful and woven by tribal people of Morocco.  They have a unique design, traditional, ancient, and followed the same model for centuries. These have a different length as compare to conventional, and these are not for western society, but due to their quality, they are very famous. Less than five feet wide.  Very prominent in the West, but nowadays people also used these as blankets. Suitable for decoration, and these make your home more beautiful and fascinating.

There are many different ways according to which you can style these in rooms.


It is the one way to style these mats, and it is one of the hottest ways to design it. You can layer them; it is simple but will look decent and fascinating. These, are 7 feet or less than 7 feet, provide an excellent base for your tables and fit perfectly in your lounge and rooms. These vintage mats make a perfect base for so many things giving a more sophisticated look. If you want a neutral look than pottery barn rug is best for you, but if you wish to more exotic and prominent look, then you should go for Tuareg mat.  These carpets are hand woven and made in Mauritania and Africa. You need to check the prices of these because they are expensive. If money is not the problem, then you should go for these because they look fantastic.

Should look smaller

Another way to style these carpets is they should look more modest, and you should put things around them, in this way it will look more beautiful and attractive. You will think that it is not possible, but it should get done very quickly. You can put a table and chairs on it and beautiful flowers on, and it will look so stunning. You could also use couch to style kit more. The couch legs should be put on or off the rug to give it a more prominent look.

Use of multiple

If you do not want a traditional look, then you could style your mat in many different and attractive ways. The use of numerous is one way. It looks very odd to you, but when you do it practically, it will look good. You can place one below your study table and one man on the entrance of the door other in the center of the room.

Choosing a Scheme – Color or Design

One thing is essential while selecting the color scheme; you should follow it properly to give a more organized and beautiful look.  You can also use multiple mats but with the same design and different colors or different design but same color. Make any combination that you like, and it is your own choice. You can also go on a color contrast or match it with your curtains color or your wall paint. So, these are the multiple options that you can style it. It is good sometimes to go off the rules and try something new and more colorful.

Provide uniqueness to the decoration of your room

The Moroccan carpets are unique, and there is no obligation that you can use it only in a living room or lounge, but you can also style your room with these. When people see mats, they only think of the living room but is very traditional thinking you can also use it in your places and give life to your dull and boring room.  You can also use these to style your children room as they want something more colorful so these are perfect for this. They have a variety of sized and can work better in your room, and you can choose the carpet whatever space you have in your room and make it more beautiful.  These are not only for home; you can also decorate your office place with these. You can place these mats in your entrance place in the office, or it is perfect for a sitting area. You can also order large size and style your room with it. Instead of using a smaller one, you can request a larger one for larger spaces.

The traditional mats should get styled in many different ways. We have some of the ways you can design and make your home, office a better-looking place, and more colorful and beautiful.  They have the property to add color to your dull rooms and make them more fascinating and attractive. Mentioned above are ways you can style your Moroccan rugs.

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