In today’s day and age, becoming a freelancer is considered as one of the best options. There are several reasons behind this statement, out of which one of the most important reason is that you do not work under someone’s supervision, which can be quite daunting for some people. You are your boss. You can earn as much you want. The only limit that you must consider is your capacity to work and time management. 

It does not mean that there are no disadvantages to being a freelancer. It has been noted by the Epson research that depression is faced by about 25% of the freelancers, while the suicidal thought disturbs about 21% of the freelancers. These suicidal thoughts can be due to loneliness. 

Therefore, the bottom line is that we must work on our mental health, and to achieve success in taking care of our mental health, Thesis Rush have mentioned below five tips can be helpful.

  1. Stay active

If you are working as a freelancer, that does not mean that you must sit on your desk for the whole day without moving around or doing anything remotely physical. A bit of stretching after every 20 minutes of work can help you stay active. According to William Haseldine, physical activity is related to good mental health. It means that you should get up from your chair, walk around, do a bit of stretching, and then come back. It can help you tackle the poor circulation of blood and muscle tension.

  1. Be honest with yourself

It would help if you were honest with yourself about your abilities and resources. It would be best if you did not consider taking more work than you can deliver, as this would affect the quality of your work and your mental health. Never bite off more than you can chew, keep this in your mind. 

  1. Avoid eating junk food

If you are working alone in a room, you will likely end up eating something unhealthy. On the contrary, if you are working in an office, you only get one lunch break. This habit of snacking all the time can affect your mental health. Try eating healthy food and notice the effects it will have on your mental health. 

  1. Meditate 

Meditation can be considered as one of the best solutions to a stressful life. The life of a freelancer is filled with stress and anxiety because he must keep in mind that he cannot miss the deadline. Hence, if you yearn for a blissful life, you should consider meditating. There are dozens of videos available on the internet that can help in de-stressing your life.

  1. Do not be afraid to ask for help

In our society, talking or discussing mental health issues is considered a taboo. Therefore, most of the freelancers suffering from mental health issues keep quiet and do not let anyone know about their condition. This can further aggravate their situation, which could have a bad effect on their life in the future. Hence, go to a psychiatrist if you feel that you need one. 

Mentioned above are some tips that can assist the freelancers in tackling their mental health issues. It must be kept in mind that you must not suffer in silence. Because that can be more destructive, and it can have certain long-term consequences. Hence, if you feel that you are becoming depressed or if you feel that you are too anxious to work properly, ask for help, or consider following any one of the five tips mentioned above. It is to be expected that you will see optimistic results soon enough.

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