Having your own home workshop is a great way to develop new skills, effectively repair broken items in your home, and construct bespoke projects for use around the house and garden.

With the rights skills and the right tools, you can save yourself and your family thousands by making your own furniture, or by reconditioning old but functional items that would otherwise be thrown away and replaced with a new purchase.

Here is a list of five power tools that every home workshop needs to have.

A Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is one of the most useful power tools for a home workshop to have. It lets you cut materials safely and efficiently, and at precise angles, which can be very important.

This type of saw will often be your ‘go-to’ cutting device, as you can quickly and easily cut straight or angled edges in just about any material.

A Table Saw

When you are working with something that is too big for a sliding compound miter saw, or you require a longer cut, then a table saw is the tool you need.

A table saw lets you make long, straight cuts on material safely. Though they are large, they are definitely worth finding space for in your workshop. The table takes the weight of cumbersome materials, like sheet metal or large pieces of wood, and lets you concentrate on getting the right cut for the job.

A Drill Press

A drill press is the perfect tool for making holes in any material in the right spot, and to the correct depth. Working on your own in a work shop can be difficult, and though a standard power drill can be very useful, you will struggle at times to make precise drill holes.

Using a drill press means that the material you are working with is securely clamped and gives you a better view when making your drill holes. You can also precisely set the depth so you don’t drill too far and waste material.

A Blade Sharpener

Tool maintenance is an important part of crafting, and by using a blade sharpener you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on replacing dulled blades and edges.

The Burr King blade sharpener is the perfect power tool for a home workshop. Tools like this allow you to keep your cutting implements sharp, and can even be used to sharpen things like lawnmower blades and kitchen knives; saving you money in all areas of the home.

An Orbital Sander

When you have finally completed construction of your project, applying the finish can be tiring and time consuming. Sanding can be a particularly gruesome and repetitive task, and can take up a lot of time if you are going to get a professional quality finish.

Orbital sanders take the time and effort out of sanding by using sanding disks and an electric motor to get a job done in minutes that would otherwise take hours of elbow grease. You can be very precise with them too, and use different grades of sanding disks to get the perfect finish whatever material you are working with.

With these power tools, the possibilities are endless. You can now produce professional quality projects quickly and easily, without hours of back breaking labor to get the right result.

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