With an annual growth rate of 30%, India boasts of the world’s second-largest smartphone market. The fact that individuals can access a wide range of smartphones under different price segments and specs further bolster the growth of the market.

While there are several options to choose from, individuals need to consider a few points while buying a smartphone. Doing so, they will be able to choose the best smartphone that matches their needs. For instance, individuals who are looking for the best 4GB RAM mobile may also find it helpful to check the internal storage in advance for a hassle-free experience.

Things to consider before buying a smartphone

These details below help gain an idea about the points that individuals should factor in before purchasing a smartphone –

  1. Processor

Typically, the processor power of a mobile device depends on multiple factors. The most prominent one includes – UI, bloatware and OS version, among others. A fast processor comes handy for those who play online games, edit photos or videos or stream videos.

  1. Display

Individuals must take into account the size and resolution of a smartphone. However, one must identify how they intend to use the device to pick an ideal screen size. For instance, those who wish to edit photos and videos, stream or download movies may find a display between 55.5 inches and 6-inch ideal. Also, one may pick a screen with QHD or HD resolution.

  1. Battery life

Individuals who like to multitask may consider availing a smartphone with long battery life. Streaming videos, playing gaming or using multiple apps simultaneously drains the battery faster. This is why individuals should select the best 4GB RAM mobile with extended battery life and fast charging feature.

  1. Camera

Most smartphones are targeted towards millennials and gen Z these days, which is why special attention is paid to camera-related specs. For instance, an ideal smartphone under 15000 comes with a 12MP or 16MP camera and enhanced selfie features like night mode, beauty mode, etc.

  1. Storage

A smartphone with ample storage comes in handy for storing media like photo, video, music and apps, among others. Ideally, for the best 4GB RAM mobile internal storage or ROM of 64GB and above would suffice. In fact, a phone with a good RAM and ROM combination may allow a phone to perform efficiently.

Also, individuals should factor in the build and user-interface of smartphones before proceeding with the purchase. Besides, these individuals should also take into consideration the security features and speaker that accompany a smartphone under 15000. One may even consider getting a premium quality smartphone on finance if they are looking for quality specs and more features.

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Be it the best 4GB RAM mobile or a smartphone with the latest specs, one should always look for the accompanying features before buying it. Also, they may consider using the facilities of the EMI Network to make their purchase affordable.

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