We all experience a point in our life where we feel the need to lose weight, but the only issue is that you need to do it fast! The rationale behind it is simple; when you find fast ways of burning your extra calories, you are able to move towards a healthy life faster. However, this can only happen if you choose the right exercise. Well, if you are questioning yourself that whats the best cardio for weight loss, this article is your way to go. We present you with five most easy, fun loving exercises that will burn your calories faster:

  1. Racquetball: the amount of calorie burn for this sport might be more or less the same as tennis or other such sports. However, the specialty of racquetball is that it depends on the intensity and passion a person is playing with, almost the same game for same time frame and played by the same person would have different results of calorie burn if one is playing on medium and the other one is playing on a consistent pace. A 30 min game of racquetball can burn 238 calories for a person who weigh 150lb. the more your weight is, the more you would burn in less time.
  2. Tennis: playing tennis can be helpful in a number of ways, the reason behind it is the large number of variety in which you can play. For example, you can start off by playing with a partner, then move to singles. Apart from that, you can use one ball so that it’s more effort on your part. Additionally, you can also use a tennis trainer tool to play rigorously. If you are overweight, you will burn more calories than someone with normal weight. On an average, a person who weighs 150 lb, and plays for one hour, would burn 288 calories in double and 414 in single player tennis.
  3. Sprint Interval Training: this training is known as one of the best cardio for losing weight. The process of sprint interval training comprises of a 5minutes time span for warm up, followed by 10-12 exercises that are mostly intense while some are lighter to balance it out, and then the session ends with a 5 min time span to rest down. The exercises are intense but the part that makes it easy is less time and more calorie burn. In fact, this exercise burns more calorie than most of them.
  4. Lap Swimming: swimming is the most relaxing yet effective activities of all times. When you go for a swim, you can release all your tension. Plus, if you do it properly, like doing laps, i.e. lap swimming; it will help you burn more calories than usual. However, speed is an important factor as well. A one hour long session of swimming for a 180lb person would burn 817 calories if you swim faster and 572 if you swim slower.
  5. Weight Training: this is one of those exercises for which you need to go step by step. When you first go to the gym, do your warm up and then start off with lighter weights. Once you get in practice, your trainer at the gym can set your routine according to your body type. Weight training allows you to use all your energy and so eventually your calories are burnt to a large extent. This is also better because it keeps you on track. On average, you burn around 266 calories per hour if you weigh 185 lb.

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