Sandals are the most basic type of foot protection, consisting of a base attached to a foot by a series of straps. They have been created from literally every material imaginable, wood, straw, leather, fabric, and even metal, and have adorned every level of society almost in every place around the world. 

Pairs of flat sandals are often seen among peoples living in hot regions, where scorching deserts and rocky terrain teeming with deadly insects and prickly plants forced the creation of its most primitive kind of foot protection. The wearing of a covered shoe or boots, which would emerge in colder, chiller conditions, was typically discouraged in hot, dry regions. However, sandals have not always been associated with people living in hot climes. 

Strappy sandals

These strapped sandals are both practical and elegant and will be your closest friend throughout the Dry season and on any other day. This pair of criss-cross strappy sandals are light and sturdy, and it is made in a neutral hue of black. The interwoven straps add a feminine touch to this sandal while also keeping your feet warm if you get wet. You can use them any time of the day. 

Ankle-straps sandals

When selecting shoes for regular usage, neutral colours such as black, blue, and white usually your best choice. Beige has captured the eye of the fashion-conscious for its beautiful appearance; it is growing in favour throughout appeal and accessory. These strappy sandals will look great with any attire and will make you look effortlessly gorgeous.


  • Cross straps 


This lovely flat sandal, which mimics the sensation and convenience of a flop, would look great with any outfit, including jeans and a shirt. On rainy days, these sandals will have your feet and give stability on slick roads. Closed footwear takes several hours to drain and can create various skin problems, so open-toed flops are the best choice for rain.


  • T-strap sandals 


These T-strap flat sandals would be ideal for those searching for a basic alternative. These flats have a feminine, sophisticated and fun appearance to them. These barely-there straps can offer you a fluffy and light sensation while providing warmth with a cushioned footbed, which Crocs delivers in its footwear.

Pointy Mules

Mules and slips are still around. Whether embellished satin or more ladylike lace, Mules may be worn with any ensemble and appear sophisticated. If you are tired of wearing sandals and ballerina flats, buying mules can update both your fashion and your collection. Choose a neutral design in brown or black, and go out and delight in an embellished style.

Ballerina flats

PVC ballerina flats are a playful and feminine design that will look great on your feet. The footwear includes non-slip tech soles, keeping them excellent for regular use and an excellent pair to use when it rains.

PVC slides

Choose these slides with a rough sole for a lovely and young look. These water-resistant round-toe shoes have a slip-on design and are great for poolside activity and also rainy days. For ultimate comfortable wear, the sandals include a padded sole and embossed outsoles.

While heels appear beautiful and seductive, flat shoes and sandals give the comfort required for daily use. You can select from different options online for an added pair to your collections.

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