Life in the Country 4 Tips for First Time Homesteaders

Moving cross-country can be a juggling act of circus proportions. Whether it is just you or an entire family, getting all your belongings from Point A across the country to Point B without losing your stuff or your mind is complicated. By following the tips below, you can take some of the stress out of the process and do everything possible to have a successful move.

1. Does That Spark Joy?

If you have watched television lately, you know this phrase from a top-rated television show. By going through your belongings, you can decide what is truly important to you and what you can do without. Lightening the load of belongings can make it easier to move, and it can save you effort and money in the long run, since you’ll have less to move.

2. Find a Moving Company You Can Trust

Moving cross-country is best left to experts, and finding the right moving company can go a long way to making your move a success. Get quotes from three to four moving companies and then do your due diligence in checking them out. This includes checking references and making sure that the company is licensed and insured.

3. Do a Careful Written Inventory of Your Belongings

Moving cross-country has a lot of moving pieces, and most of them are your belongings. Document what you are moving, especially big-ticket items, such as electronics, antiques, or other expensive pieces. Document their condition as well. This way, if something happens, you have a list of the things that make up the most value of your belongings.

4. Plan for Where Things Go

Decide what is going to happen when your boxes arrive. Either move boxes into the rooms that the items go in or put them in the garage for now and go through them one at a time. Failing to plan can make the arrival process chaotic.

5. Remember the Miles Your Boxes Will Travel

When you pack, make sure that the boxes are packed in a way that will protect your belongings as much as possible. Wrap fragile items well and be sure that the boxes are packed securely. Label boxes that are fragile to ensure the movers will take special care.

6. Prioritize What You Will Need and Pack Those Boxes Last

There are things that you will need to set up your new home. From the basic dishes to linens to snacks to favorite toys, you want to make sure those are the last to pack and the first to open. This will save you time over having to go through boxes hunting for just one thing.

7. Pack an “Unpack Me First” Box

There are some things you are going to need first. By packing a box that has all these things, you can be prepared. Some things you want to include are toilet paper, cleaning supplies, chargers, medications, and the like.

8. Let the Professionals Do Their Job

They know how to best pack and unpack the truck to keep your belongings safe. Let them take control of the process and do what you are paying them for. While this is difficult, it can make a big difference.

9. Use the Right Packing Boxes

There are many different packing boxes you can take advantage of, but the one you most want to take advantage of is the hanging-clothes box. It will let you hang your clothes in there for the move and allow you to keep them on the hangers. There are other boxes made for specific purposes as well; you need to evaluate if the cost is worth it.

10. Be Easy on Yourself

A move of this magnitude is not easy, but by having a good attitude and seeing it as the adventure it is, you can make it better. Give yourself grace when things don’t go exactly right and go with the flow.

Moving cross-country is sure to be an adventure. Whether it is an adventure you enjoy is entirely up to you and the preparation you put into it.


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