Robotics and artificial intelligence are different from each other.  Robotics is a branch of science or other machines run by programs to carry out several functions.  The most popular concept of robots is that of computer robots that are programmed like we want them to perform. It made possible by the use of robots that detect and guide the robot to work systematically. On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence consists of Algorithms that can process important data used in business and services. The main criteria are to interpret data and use them in an organized manner. If we were to connect both the aspects, then the result would turn out to are artificial robots. Such robots are specially organized to carry out business tasks. 

Essential differences between artificial intelligence and robotics:

Robotics can be used to aid in human intervention for speedy execution of certain activities. on the other hand, artificial intelligence is the concept associated with utilizing computer programs to work efficiently as we do in our daily life.  Artificial intelligence might require robotics to enhance its facilities but as the robot does but necessarily require intelligence to work. It has a physical existence. On the other hand, artificial intelligence is just an application that robots use by using algorithms and programs. If we are to consider robots as having a physical existence. let us also mention an exception or difference. Chatbots are an exception to this category of robots. Researchers and scientists have investigated and found out that chatbots can be used to serve similar functions as can be served by artificial intelligence.

Major applications of Robotics:

  • Robotics is widely used in industries for coating colors over surfaces and make work quicker. It is even used to handle materials, and carry out other complex jobs. 
  • Robotics is widely used in space applications to discover things that are difficult for humans. 
  • Robotics is used in military purposes while defusing bombs and protect a country by serving military aids in need. 
  • Robots as a conceptus very important in medicine and medical practitioners can test the effectiveness of medicines by first applying them to robots. 

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (A.I):

The main difference between artificial Intelligence and Robotics is simple. Artificial intelligence is mainly used to bring positive changes within the structure or a particular program running within a business organization.  By doing so computers can execute data and process them faster by the use of expert systems. At the same time, it makes the best use of natural language processing areas to enhance social skills among employees. Artificial intelligence is a new concept. However, it has brought a new revolution to the use of digital means, to store, process, interpret and analyze data whenever required. One of the major applications is in health and social Care Centres where a large amount of patient data is stored daily.  Reputed organizations like Bupa Health care and others have started to investigate more into the use of artificial intelligence so that they can introduce it within their HSC organization soon. In this way, service organizations and companies can understand how data can stay prevented as well as secured for future references. In this way, important information relating to contact details of patients or their clinical records can be stored. 

Robotics as well as artificial intelligence both needs to be programmed.  However artificial intelligence is mainly used as a problem-solving weapon and this is enabled by logical reasoning. It brings solutions to detecting languages or faces which makes it extremely important for Laptops and Smartphones.  Again, in terms of gaming or Language Processing, artificial intelligence lays one step ahead of robotics. It is because of all these reasons that artificial intelligence finds its application in recognizing, handwriting patterns or recognizing speeches, recognizing vision systems. It can even be used in basic language processing areas.

The solution of integrating artificial intelligence upon robotics:

Now that we have come to the point that artificial intelligence can be integrated with robotics and vice versa, let us have a look at the concept of one embedding one into another. Artificial intelligence gives meaning and right interpretation to programs while robots make things happen in practical scenarios. Robots can make use of Computerized Mechanisms or sensors and effectors while artificial intelligence will try to solve every problem that employees would face while executing tasks. Robotics will enhance utility up to a certain level after which it would fail to function. However, by careful Integration of Robotics with Artificial Intelligence one can be benefitted. Australia, the united kingdom, the united states of America and other parts of the world are deeply delving about web crawlers and other software-based robots and how they can be used to make life better. Once both the forms are merged, individuals can use it in Forensic Studies, pollution monitoring services, manufacturing or automatic vehicles, medicinal areas and whatnot. It is like the special magic broom that Harry Potter had. The reason why there is a difference between robots and artificial intelligence is that robots cannot execute unlimited tasks. However, we needed to get fast and get things excited faster. Once we integrate robotics with artificial intelligence, we can deal with the cumulative effects of information sensors and processors without any worry, just by then request of our voice. 

The final overview: 

By integrating artificial intelligence with robotics, we can get innumerable jobs performed and executed systematically. At the same time, the robotics facility would respond to light, temperature, sound and their factors promptly. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are in no doubt entirely different concepts, but they can be merged. The result would be the development of software intelligence and efficient form of hardware intelligence. It would enhance health and social care, help in easing work pressures for agricultural activities, and also be used for military, space and other applications. Therefore, both the concepts are different, but interesting in their respects. 

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