We’ll tell you the background. It’s useful to take visual notes and mind maps to make it easier for them to memorize the material. Because this is how several types of memory are involved: visual, logical, emotional, figurative and even motor. This kind of content can be superimposed on social media very easily.

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What is infographics

Let us remind you what infographics are. Wikipedia explains it this way:

“Infographics are visualizations of data or ideas that aim to deliver complex information to an audience in a quick and understandable way.”

That is, with the help of a picture, you can emotionally, logically and clearly convey the material to users. Thus, we have formed tasks for infographics on the page:

  • Explain complex things in simple language so that even a beginner can understand what is at stake.
  • Visually present the results of the company’s work.
  • Increase engagement. Such content is better shared and commented on.
  • Evoke an emotional response from subscribers. And if there is emotion, then the content is better remembered.
  • Show the expertise of the company.

Goals and objectives of the infographic

The main goal is to stir up the page and start interacting with the target audience.

Since infographics are a form of material presentation, it is this form that is introduced into the content plan and added to the headings.

If the task is to provide not only useful content, but also image, advertising and, of course, using visuals to attract and entertain the target audience. It is easier to enter a complex niche through humor. This is how entertaining infographics look like. And as a result, you can go to the following types of infographics:

  • image,
  • useful,
  • entertaining.

Now let’s take a closer look at each type of infographic.

Useful infographics

With the help of visuals, we focused on usefulness. They gave important information that the reader needs.

We talked about helper services. This is the necessary information, collected in one place and presented so that it can be saved and used. And the reader did not have to search through tons of articles on the Internet to find effective services for work.

We also made infographic tips. For example, what you should pay attention to in a compiled offer from an advertiser.

To create infographics with usefulness, you need to know your target audience in detail, understand what is important to them and what hurts them. Try to get into their heads and see our sphere through their eyes. It is one thing when we want to teach them something, but they don’t need this, but another thing is to give exactly what will be useful and necessary for them, not only now, but also in the future.


We also decided to convey the benefits of the company and show the benefits of the main functions of the service through infographics. Firstly, it is clear, secondly, it is understandable, and thirdly, it is cute.

Entertaining infographic

Everyone loves to laugh, and your followers are no exception. So we decided to give a portion of humor to our subscribers. And they regularly created entertainment visuals.

Also, there is a kind of visual called scribing. This is also the presentation of complex material in simple language. Scribing is about thinking in images. When we convey the essence of what is happening not just in words, but in certain diagrams, icons and illustrations.

Let’s summarize

Why does visual content work well, and why are we using it? The visual always stops the scrolling of users’ feeds in social networks. That is, the effectiveness of a Marketing specialist’s work depends on a high-quality visual, no matter how sad it may sound. And for B2B companies, it is important to present yourself in social networks so that it is remembered and brings profit.

As a result, infographics can become your business card, some page features. Publish 1-2 infographics per month.

And yes, this kind of content raises the engagement on the page and attracts new followers for Instagram.

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