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A homemade as per Vastu norm is considered as the one full of positive energy. Many people do not believe in Vastu shastra but the ones who have experienced the positivity after following the norms truly believe in it now. People believe that the construction of the house must be as per the Vastu norm to bring more prosperity and happiness to the house. But the interior equally matters.

When you look for the best Vastu consultants near me, you check their previous work. Did you ever notice that various Vastu consultants emphasize not only the construction and interior of the house but the wall colors as well? As per Vastu norms, the color of the house has a significant effect on the life of the people. The balance a healthy and fresh life, it is important to balance the color of the walls as well.

Here are some Vastu color tips for the best Vastu consultants that a person should follow while picking the color of the house.

  1. The main entrance of the house is very special. Every kind of energy enters from the main door of the house. According to interior designers and Vastu consultants, the main entrance door must open in the clockwise direction and the soft colors should have opted for that area. Soft colors like white, silver or wooden color are the best suggestion for the main door. While one must avoid dark colors like black, red, or dark blue.
  2. The drawing room must be colored with the light color and the best is white. The best direction for the drawing-room is North-west.
  3. A kid’s room is very special for the parents. They decorate it with all the emotions. The best direction for the kids’ room is North-west and it should also be painted with white color.
  4. The bathroom should also be located in the North-west direction hence, the best-suited color for that area is also white. It can also b painted with other light colors like cream, light brown, etc., but the dark colors should always be avoided as dark colors always attract negative energy.
  5. Now, the hall is the most comfortable space in the house where you spend most of your time. According to Vastu consultants, the best suitable colors to make the hall cozy and full of positive energy are calming green, blue, yellow, and if you are confused, white is the best option.
  6. The pooja room is another most important area of the house. According to the Vastu norms, the room must be north-east direction facing so that maximum sunlight reaches it. Mostly, it is suggested to have yellow color painted in the pooja room to make the area calmer and full of positive energy.
  7. The next important area of the house is the study room. This could be used as an office or for the kid’s study area. Vastu colors like light green, blue, white, and cream are the best suitable colors that enhance productivity and make the working ambiance more comfortable. Visit Concepts Architects & Interior Designers.

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