The aftereffects of a truck accident can be disastrous. Truck accidents can be much more severe than regular car accidents due to the vehicle’s massive size and weight. The compensation you can receive after the accident varies on factors such as who was liable, the injuries to your physical and mental health, along with damage to your property. 

To determine who was responsible for the crash, it is important to understand what caused the accident. Truck accident lawyers are skilled professionals equipped with experience from past cases and can analyze your situation to find how it occurred and other relevant evidence. Albuquerque truck accident lawyers have the knowledge of accident laws specific to your area and can advise you to consider them to provide you with the best settlement. 

Lack of focus

Driving a heavy vehicle for long hours of the day can be an exhausting and monotonous job. Often, drivers do not follow the regulations stating the hours they can work in a day and overwork to earn more income. This tires them out, and they pay less attention to their driving and environment, leading to accidents. Their attention might be diverted to other activities such as scrolling through their phone, making them unable to react to sudden changes in the road or vehicles. 

Unsafe driving

Drivers might violate traffic rules to reach more targets set by their employers for higher wages. This is extremely risky and can cause multiple injuries. Speeding is a common violation that causes accidents. Employers do not keep proper training periods for drivers in many cases, and this makes them unaware of certain precautions they need to take to ensure the safety of themselves and other drivers. 


Drivers might consume recreational alcohol and drugs on the job, making them lose control of their coordination. They lose their rational thinking and drive in a haphazard manner which confuses other drivers following proper traffic rules and leads to accidents. Drunk drivers have a higher possibility of passing out on the wheel and fatigue, leading to dangerous conditions. 

Neglected vehicle

Trucks need regular checkups and repairs for maintenance. Drivers and companies often skip out on these and compromise the safety of people. The vehicle might get worn down, and parts such as the breaks and tires could malfunction, leading to accidents. Many trucks are carriers of cargo, and loading it incorrectly, not considering the load and proportion of goods the truck can bear, can be dangerous. The excessive burden can cause the truck to lose balance and can cause rollovers. 

The company that hired the driver and provider of the cargo can also be held responsible for damages the victim suffered. A truck accident lawyer can decide the best legal route based on what caused the accident and delegate liability accordingly. 

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