Search by image has literally revolutionized things in terms of browsing. Long gone the days when searching a celebrity’s name and other related information was a real ordeal, or remember about all the times you were tempted by a dish on the internet but couldn’t know its recipe. Reverse image search has made life simpler. No matter in which part of the world you are sitting in, you can pretty much learn about anything by uploading any image as an input. As an output, you will receive all the similar images on the internet Incisione laser metalli.

What is Reverse Image Search?

Reverse image search or search by image is a new form of browsing on the internet, where the user uploads a picture as an input to retrieve all the related digital information on the internet. Many websites are providing to make this search possible with the help of special algorithms like Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) and Content-Based Visual Information Retrieval (CBVIR). Reverse photo lookup is better than ordinary search by words for so many reasons. Most importantly, it doesn’t depend upon coming up with the right keywords to make search results more accurate and on the point.

Whether it is about finding the original owner or the plagiarist of a picture, search by image makes it all possible. You can even use this method to learn about any recipe, holiday spot, hotel, restaurant, celebrity, or gadget et cetera. It is also convenient to search for the metadata of the object in the picture, for instance, its name. You can even use this technique to find a higher quality or different size of the same image. The search image technique is simply the best!

Exploring the Options

Nowadays, there are a lot of online tools that make searching by images possible. With so many online options, it often becomes difficult to pick one for yourself. Obviously, you want to go for the best, but which is really the best one? If you have already come across this confusion, don’t worry at all! Just continue reading the article below to know about three top search image tools that are definitely going to change your life forever!  All of these are free of cost, and you can use them without worrying about your expenses.

Search Engine Reports

It is the best image search tool that you will come across on the internet. This tool is available in different languages other than English to facilitate people with different linguistic backgrounds around the world. It allows you to search by uploading the image directly from your laptop or Dropbox. Alternatively, you can also provide the URL link of the image. If nothing works for you, just type the keywords and let the tool hunt all the similar images. It has a really huge database comprising of Google, Bing, and Yandex. It’s completely free of cost service and is available for everyone. Nothing you upload on this tool gets saved in the database. The search image tool by Search Engine Reports has very strict privacy policies. It doesn’t forward or save any image to exploit it in the future in any way. The results generated by this tool are very accurate and precise.

Pre Post SEO

This website is famous for providing many SEO tools. Search by image is yet another feature by this website that costs not even a single penny. Feel free to upload your query image in any format like JPG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, et cetera. Just like the tool mentioned above, this one also allows accessing cloud storage to upload a picture as an input. It is also available in multiple different languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, et cetera. This tool takes help from databases of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex to retrieve accurate digital information. There are no significant drawbacks of using this tool except one—it doesn’t support uploading multiple images as input.


It is another great free of cost tool to search by image. This website is an expert in computer vision technology. It has an excellent interface, and with a few clicks only, you can search nearly any digital information on the internet. It allows you to directly upload an image from your device or provide a URL link to make a search by image possible. Another great thing about this tool is that you can just drag an image and simply drop it in the search bar. This saves an ample amount of time. It has a database comprising nearly of 39.7 billion images. However, it doesn’t keep users’ pictures or images to their database. It values their privacy and doesn’t exploit information in any way. You can even add its extension to your browser to save time. The extensions are available for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.


Search by image is a modern way of learning more about images you see online. It’s relatively easier yet highly accurate. The tools mentioned above are great options if you are interested in this kind of online hunt. They make the search by image completely free of cost. They are 100% safe as well and don’t save input information in their database. Make Google images search by image possible by using these tools.

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