As a rubbish removal company we get asked a lot of weird and wonderful questions about rubbish removal in Sydney. We meet with a lot of diverse types of people every month, each with their own set of different questions.

If you have some queries about rubbish removal that is to be expected and we welcome all questions (no matter how stupid you may think they are). We work in areas such as construction, residential and commercial rubbish removal, and can answer any type of question you may have.

We enjoy talking and engaging with our customers when on-site. We are also happy to talk on the phone or through email if you have any burning questions about our services.

In this blog post, we will address the most common types of questions we always get asked. If your question/s isn’t listed below don’t be scared to get in touch with us! This is meant to act as a guide to give you some general information about rubbish removal company and the types of services we provide.

1. How much is our service?

This is by far the most common question we get asked. And unfortunately, there is no simple answer. This heavily depends on your individual situation. But don’t fret we offer free quotes! We happily come to you and assess the amount of rubbish that needs removing and provide you with a price.

Rest assured that our prices are highly competitive! We take the time to develop both cost effective and environmentally friendly methods and we are then able to pass those savings on to you.

2. Is there anything you won’t take?

We will take just about anything! As long as two guys can safely lift it and it can fit into our massive truck, we are the team for the job! However, we will not remove items deemed dangerous or hazardous. This includes things such as hazardous chemical and asbestos.

We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously and we do not want to put them in any physical risk. If you do need those types of items removed it is recommended that you enlist the assistance of a professional specialising in that area.

3. After you collect the rubbish, where does it go?

We take rubbish removal very seriously because we understand the potential impacts it can leave on the environment. Therefore we aim to recycle as much as possible. All the rubbish we remove is sorted and processed to a high standard. This ensures that all the rubbish ends up where it belongs. We always try to repurpose the rubbish; going to the tip is certainly the last option for us.

4. Do we actually like our job?

Yes! We love our job. Granted, not many kids dream about growing up to be rubbish removalists, but we are certainly very passionate about our job. Each to their own – we can’t all be the same otherwise it would be boring!

Rubbish removal is quite a challenging task, but all of our team are always up for the challenge. We live for the difficult situations and trying to come up with a solution that is best for all involved parties.

We get to meet a lot of different and interesting characters that make our day even better. We love working hard and coming up with new and innovation strategies in terms of rubbish removal. We certainly don’t mind getting our hands dirty!


So there you have it! The top 4 most common questions we always get asked as rubbish removalists. If you have any other questions, we are more than happy to help. So remember, next time you need rubbish removal in Sydney make sure you get in contact with us.

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