If you have never had the taste of what it feels like to choose from thousands of songs and listen to anyone countless times, you should consider trying it soon.

If you are a music lover, you will be glad because the experience is awesome and in no time you will see the difference.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best places you can listen to thousands of free music online.

1) Soundcloud: This website has its own unique features that allow users and artiste to upload their songs so that other users can listen.

It has a search bar where you can search for a particular artiste, tracks and podcast. You can also find different genre by looking under country, Electronic, Disc and Ambient.

It has a premium version which comes with no ads and lets you listen to songs without connecting to the internet.

2) Spotify: One thing that’s notable about Spotify is that it gives more freedom even with the free version. Though the free version serves banner ads it is still fun to use until you want to go premium.

Once you sign up you are good to go. You can select songs by genre and by artistes. You can get Spotify on multiple devices from your mobile device to your computer just by installing the app. It could also come with some smartwatches or video game consoles.

The premium version will give more feature and more freedom. Of course, the premium version comes with no ads.

3) Google play music: Google Play Music is one of the most well-known free music online platform. It is easy to start using when you sign up with your Google account.

There are thousands of radio stations available to choose from. You can get to songs by selecting you’re a genre.

4) Deezer: Deezer offers more genre to choose from with a very beautiful yet simple interface. Just like any other music platforms on this list, Deezer is compatible with all operating systems, Android, Blackberry, Windows etc. you can get it by simply downloading the application.

One outstanding thing here is the huge catalogue of music which contains over 30 million music available to users.

You can simply sign up with your Facebook account or from scratch but the downside is not being able to use Deezer offline.

You can make use of Deezer offline when you go premium. The premium plan goes $9.99 per month which gives freedom to unlimited skips, no ads and you can also use it offline.

5) Pandora: Pandora has its greatest advantage in allowing users to customize so many features.

They have over one million songs available for users to choose from. Just like other online music platforms they also have their free and premium plans.

On the free plan, users are allowed to skip songs only six times per hour and also have to listen to sound ads at some points.

The premium plan cost $4.99 which offers an unlimited number of songs skip, no ads, option to rewind tracks and even other offline features.

Pandora has a premium plan that goes for $14.99 that allows six people to listen to songs on the platform.

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