There is one thing that your home can never do without. No, it’s not the newest television or expensive coffee table. It’s a toilet.

You’re going to be using it quite a few times a day, so you need to put a little thought into your purchase. You deserve only the best model around. One that’s comfortable to sit on and easy to clean.

You also need to think about your water bill. Which toilet is going to give you the most flushes for your buck? We can tell you. Here are a few of the best toilets on the market right now.

  1. KOHLER Memoirs

If you’re trying to create a retro look throughout your home, the KOHLER Memoirs can fit that aesthetic. In the case of this toilet, the inside does not match the outside.

It looks retro but the flushing system is quite modern. For one, it uses very little water when you flush which is great news for your water bill. For another, it’s got a high siphon system that makes it more efficient than many other toilets on the market at the moment.

The last highlight is that you’ll be able to clean your KOHLER Memoirs without having to expend much effort. As you can see, KOHLER is truly the best toilet brand on the market.

  1. American Standard 2889.216.020

This American Standard toilet has a crazy number of features for the shopper on a budget. It contains a jet-powered siphon that works to keep the bowl clean. It also has holes near the rim where water is dispersed to keep it nice and hygienic.

You’ll still need to give the bowl a quick clean every now and again, but the toilet does most of the work for you. You would think that the use of water would hike your bill way up, but this isn’t the case. The two flush system keeps the cost pretty low.

This toilet comes in two colors, so it might be easier for you to find a bowl that will go with your bathroom decor. As a side note, the seat doesn’t come with the toilet so you’ll have to make a small side purchase if you don’t already have one. Even with the extra purchase, it’s still one of the top toilets around for your buck.

  1. Saniflo SANICOMPACT 48

If you don’t have a lot of room to play around within your bathroom, the Saniflow SANICOMPACT has you covered. Since it’s small and tankless, it can fit in a lot of places that other toilets can’t such as under the stairs or in a loft.

Now you may be asking yourself “how does it flush if it doesn’t have a tank”? It uses water in your main supply to get the job done.

As far as removing waste goes, it uses a macerator system coupled with a powerful pump to get rid of it.

  1. KOHLER Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated

If you’ve got a certain budget you have to adhere to when shopping, this toilet may not be for you because it’s a bit expensive. If you don’t have a budget that you have to stick to, however, it’s an excellent choice.

It works on an AquaPiston system that allows it to consume less water per flush so it may pay for itself over time in the form of lower water bills. It’s got a comfortable elongated bowl design.

It has a nice aesthetic that will go with most of your bathroom decor and the seat is at a comfortable height for sitting or standing.

  1. TOTO Neorest Dual Flush

The TOTO Neorest toilet is small and compact, making it the perfect choice for smaller bathrooms. This model is a little fancier than the others on our list because it uses remote controls.

One of these controls works with the bidet function. The bidet uses comfortably warm water to keep you clean and an air dryer to dry you off. The seat lifts and closes automatically so you’ll never have to worry about touching a dirty toilet seat.

It has a nightlight built into it as well. You’ll never have to fumble your way around in the dark in the middle of the night to use the bathroom again.

  1. TOTO Ultramax II

This TOTO design doesn’t have remote controls or a bidet function but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less nice. It works off of a great flushing system.

It’s a powerful flush that gets rid of waste and keeps the bowl clean. This doesn’t use as much water to do this as you think it would. While this is a pretty expensive toilet, it will save you money on your bill with its low water consumption.

  1. KOHLER Wellworth

If you’re looking for a toilet with great features at a low cost, the Wellworth is going to be the way to go. The height and design of the bowl make it comfortable to use and it consumes very little water with each flush.

It’s designed with a trap way that pretty much cleans the toilet after each use. You’ll still need to give it a good scrubbing every once in a while, but it won’t be that rough on you.

There’s only one real problem with the Wellworth. It’s not ADA compliant so it can’t be used in public spaces. It’s fine for at-home use though.

Best Toilets for Your Buck

When it comes to buying a new toilet, you deserve only the best. Look for a model that has powerful flushing power, is easy to clean (or all but cleans itself), and has a low water consumption.

These are some of the best toilets for your buck. Consider trying one of them out in your home today and start reaping the benefits.

Your bathroom is going to need more than a new toilet. Check out the homes section of our blog daily for even more helpful homeowner’s advice.

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