The latest developments in mobile apps makes it easier for individuals to find traffic-free routes and open parking spots in just about any city. The concept is simple yet high in demand, so today there are many mobile apps that make both parking and commuting much easier. Below are three of our top picks.


Recognized for being one of the best mobile parking apps available, ParkMobile was designed to help you find parking spots with ease. It is available in more than 3,000 cities and locations around the United States which gives it the widest coverage for a parking app. You can use it to find free parking spaces and pay for metered spaces directly from your smartphone.

Beyond finding parking, the ParkMobile parking app comes with a number of other handy features as well. For example, if your parking session has expired, the app will send you a notification on your phone to keep you from getting a ticket. You can also extend your parking session via the application to save you the trouble of going out to the car park in person.

The only troubling limitation to ParkMobile is the number of parking spots listed. The application has over 1,000,000 parking spots listed in the United States however this is limited to parking lots that are partnered with ParkMobile. For the spots that are listed, you can find and book a parking spot in advance to save time.

Google Maps

Google Maps is the world’s premier application for finding your way. You can use it to find your way to just about anywhere that roads lead to which makes it vital for anyone who is visiting a new town. Google Maps can be used for walking, cycling and driving alike.

The ease of use and features included are what has made Google Maps so popular. You can use it to find the quickest route to your destination and it will even tell you if it would be wiser to take another route because of traffic. Location sharing is also available in case you need to show someone how to get to where you are.

Google Maps is a great app for simply getting from point A to point B. The navigator can be set to direct you to the location using voice commands so that it is hands free while driving but if you spend a lot of time driving, there are better applications that you can use.


Waze is an application that was built primarily for drivers. With a few custom tweaks, drivers who use Waze will have access to real-time information about traffic congestion, police stops, road hazards and even potholes. A lot of the data included in the application is sent in by other users which helps to keep it updated regularly.

Relying on users for information updates makes Waze more reliable in many ways. For example, it uses trusted locals to update the house numbers, street names and current road conditions from rural areas that would otherwise be overlooked. The recommendations for ‘hidden routes’ are so useful that local communities are having trouble dealing with a surge of drivers on roads that are not designed to handle so much traffic.If you’re just looking for back-seat driver to help you get somewhere then Google Maps is for you however if you’re a taxi driver or someone who commutes often then Waze is better suited to your needs.

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