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Workplace injuries are prevalent these days and can be severe at times. It is essential to be cautious at work, but sometimes the injuries are unavoidable. At times, To claim compensation for workplace injury, workers often hide a few important details, making their case unnecessarily tricky. The Conyers personal injury law firm can guide you through the process. But his blog will discuss Things to Avoid after a workplace injury In Conyers so that you are aware of the facts.

Denying A Second Job

Most workers take up a second job to meet their daily needs. When the insurance company questions the worker about their activities after work, they refuse the second job, thinking it will complicate their case. In such a case, if the insurance company discovers about the second job, the worker’s claim can be rejected.

Denying Past Injuries

If a worker had a shoulder injury, the insurance company would ask about any previous shoulder injury. If the pre-existing condition worsens after the job, the worker can claim compensation from the insurance company and the employer. That is why workers get advised to give their honest past medical history.

Lying about Symptoms

A claim can get rejected if the worker lies about his symptoms after a medical examination. The same thing can happen if the worker exaggerates his symptoms and medical examination proves he lied.

Covering up Details of the Accident

Sometimes, if the worker thinks that his act is responsible for his injury, he tries to hide such information from the insurance company. If the company finds out about his lies, his claim can get rejected.

Running Down your Employer

It is not unusual to find workers’ unhappiness towards their employer. The worker should hide his emotions about his employer in front of the doctors. The doctor might sense the same in the worker’s behavior and talks, which can go against the worker.

Missing Medical Appointments

The worker should be particular about his doctor appointments and never miss them. If the worker misses his appointments, the Defence lawyer 

can use this against him in his claim. The judge may think that the worker’s injury was not severe enough to raise the claim.


Injuries are inevitable but can get avoided with a bit of caution at work. Even if the injury results, the worker can seek help from a personal injury attorney. Claims in such cases are usually made in favor of workers, but hiding things can make things go wrong.

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