According to, windows without any tinting or film applied to them will lose about 30% of the energy used to heat and cool your home.

Conserving that energy is only one of the few reasons why people might install a home window tint.

If you’re thinking about doing it, you might be wondering what the best window tint percentage is. We’ll break it all down for you here!


For those who mainly want privacy from tinting their windows, you should get a window film that has a lower tint percentage. If a window tint percentage is at or below 20%, that means the window will only let in about 20% of the actual light.

People install these tints in rooms that they want more privacy in, like bathrooms, bedrooms, or entryways. If you don’t have this type of tint on your home, everyone will be able to see directly into your home at night.

Before you start tinting your windows, make sure you know everything about it, especially if you’re going to do it yourself. Read more now!


Maybe instead of privacy, you want more visibility in a certain room to display something off. Many store owners use these to display their window sections.

In this case, you should look for a film that has a lower percentage. Finding one with this will help to redirect the sunlight from your window and make it easier to see through the window.

UV Rays

You’ve probably heard of the UV rays from the sun being damaging to your skin, but they can also damage your home and furniture.

If you have some furniture near a window where the sun beats down, it could end up damaging or fading your furniture over time. Because of this, you may want to consider getting some window film.

Another reason people block out UV rays is if someone in their family has a skin condition that makes them sensitive to the light. Instead of blocking the rays out and not being able to see, they just stop the UV rays from getting in.

To be able to do this, you don’t have to get a very low percentage of tint either. However, the quality of the tint you purchase will really vary on how much UV rays it keeps out.

If you get a window tint that has a 90% VLT, you’ll be able to protect your family, health, and furniture and belongings.


If you already have tinted windows, it could reflect the sun and cause glare on your neighbor’s home. This is why it’s important to consider your neighbors and HOA (if you have one) before you purchase a window tint.

Try not to get one that is too shiny, which will automatically bounce all of the sun off. It might even violate your HOA rules, leaving you with some hefty fines.

To make sure that you don’t get a shiny one, try and get a lower VLT percentage. For example, if you get a 49% VLT, this will be the perfect balance to give you some privacy and also not offer a rude glare into your neighbors’ homes.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to improve the energy efficiency in your home, you should get a solar film.

This type of film is thicker than a decorative film, but it’s also thinner than a film you would use if you wanted security and safety. However, this film will also reflect up to 99% of the UV rays so that it won’t heat your home.

This will make sure that your home stays cooler in the summer months, warmer in the winter months, and also avoid any of the energy inside your home from leaking out.


Some people want to apply window tinting to keep their home safe.

If you buy a security film, it will normally come in a silver or even clear color. They don’t reflect too much heat, so you shouldn’t get this one if you want it to be energy efficient.

This film is also really strong. It will make sure that your window doesn’t break easily if there is a storm or someone tries to break it. Instead of shattering into little pieces, the window will just have one large crack in it.


Some people don’t care about any of the reasons above and just want something that will make their house look nice. If you like darker colors, there are also some shades out there that will work well for your home.

In some cases, it could even increase your home value.

If you want a darker film for this, you’ll have to get a tint with a higher percentage, so at least 90%. You can even find some window tints that come in different colors and patterns if you want a certain look for your house.

Discover More About the Best Window Tint Percentage for Your Home

If you’re still confused about what the best window tint percentage for your home, you should first ask yourself what you want out of the window film.

From there, you’ll be able to figure out what’s the best one to buy. However, we know those home renovations of any kind can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help you!

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