A Smartphones have become a life necessity and fashion statement. It is the essential gadget in everyone’s life. You always keep your cell phone with you whether you are at your home, out of the house, sleeping or eating. It just improved the calls and text messages, but it also connects you to the world like you can access facebook or twitter in few taps and can see what some else has posted from the other corner of the world.

Although the Smartphone is an unbelievably capable gadget itself, still there are thousands of accessories that can be used with it to make life much more convenient.

Technology never fails to surprise us; from wireless headphones to the Bluetooth speakers there is a handful of tech accessories that are must to own in 2018.

Do you know what the best part is? There are number of sites on the internet like PennySaviour that allow average folks to get their hands on these accessories at affordable prices. Below are the accessories that you should own in 2018.

Wireless Chargers

We cannot deny the fact that wireless charging has been around for years. But in the past few years, the rapid adoption of technology is seen after the iPhone X, and iPhone 8 Plus introduced with wireless facilities.

Wireless chargers allow customers to charge the Smartphone without going through the hassle of finding a plug. When heading out of the house, you do not know that whether your cell phone battery will survive till night or not. So it better to keep a lightweight wireless charger with you to avoid any stressful situation.

Power banks

Powers banks are all-time favorite equipment. If you are always tight on schedule, then you must have a one in your bag. In 2018 power banks have become slimmer, lighter, and portable (you can even carry them in your jeans pocket). They are also achieving high-capacity; a single power with multiple slots can charge several devices at once.

Type-C Chargers

Soon after the introduction of USB-C tech, USB-A, USB-B gone out of fashion as the world’s most recognized manufacturers like Samsung and some more adopted this technology widely. Type C-chargers provide faster data transfer and charging.

The future devices equipped with USB-C port are predicted smaller, lighter and thinner as it is smaller than USB Mini-B.

Smart Wearables

Wearable tech accessories are smart and stylish, and I would be safe to say that if you want to show off your social status, you should add a layer of wearable accessory to your Smartphone.

Fitness tracker and smartwatches can keep the record of your daily activities, store and transfer data. There is a Wi-Fi connectivity options in it; you can also connect these devices to your cell phone through Bluetooth.

Virtual Reality Headset

Many VR headsets options are available in the market like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and more that let you push the fun to limits. You can play games more interactively and watch 3D videos for fun.

Protective Screen

Your expensive phone like iPhone X that closes on $1,000 worth a protective screen because you cannot risk screen damage. It is better to pay less for a high-quality screen protector than to pay heftily for a repair in future. If you are too late, and instead of a protective screen, you are looking for phone repair Singapore, then you should still consider protection for once you get it fixed.

There are several screen protectors launched in 2018 that do not only protect your phone screen but also add style to it.

Photo Accessories

For good picture, two things matter the most a good camera and a lens. It’s now easy to add a real lens to your Phone camera for your needs. In 2018, you have a wide selection of lens attachments in the market to choose from like Xenvo iPhone camera lens, Smartphone lens kit by the pocket lens and more.

Since its March 2016 release, the Oculus Rift has continually delivered high-value VR experience to its users globally. Whether embarking on a virtual tour with the 2017 Google street view, or going on a creative exploration using Educational Minecraft, or actively gaming with friends in Echo Arena, this is arguably one of the best VR headsets available globally.

Sadly, regardless of how fanciful, sleek or important a gameplay or VR experience is, no one loves the idea of placing a yucky and stinky Oculus Rift over their head. No! Never!!!

Although wearing the Rift is hyper-comfortable due to its foam paddings, the design team solved a problem by creating another. Oh, the stench! The problem created is so huge that whenever users consider wearing a friend’s VR headset or a headset at a public gaming spot, the thought of the stench, germs, and bacteria in the padding gives enough reasons for a second thought.

At the thought of avoiding such irritating experiences, various gamers and users who frequently sport these technological marvels often wonder how to clean their oculus rift padding. Additionally, when owners remember that cosmetic wear and tear are not covered by their warranty, they become more interested in cleaning their Rift padding.

Method 1. Wipe frequently

Since the padding comes in frequent direct contact with sweat, it is advisable to use moist non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes to clean them. This would minimize the awful smell that could ooze embarrassingly from your Rift padding should little care be given. The use of abrasive solutions and alcohol during cleaning is greatly discouraged.

Method 2. Wash seldom

Should the above method prove ineffective in cleaning your Oculus Rift padding, you could carefully remove the padding from the Rift. After removing the padding from the rift, it should be washed, rinsed dried and replaced as brand new.

Given its foam rubber composition, it tends to absorb and retain sweat, which can become highly disgusting over time. Moreover, care should be taken to avoid excessively squeezing the padding during washing or rinsing as this could destroy its structural integrity over time and lead to a loss of its padding ability during VR gameplay. Also, ensure you use an antibacterial soap to wash the padding in order to kill off germs.

Method 3: Utilize a VR headset cover

In a bid to leverage the existing Oculus Rift Headset hygiene opportunity, various firms have released ideal VR headset covers that are perfect fits, comfortable to the head, easy to maintain and gentle on the wallets. Most of these VR covers are available on Amazon.

Avoid sweaty gaming experiences by using the above methods, however, should you be on a tight budget and still want to avoid these irritating experiences, opt for a comfortable headband. Cleaning your Oculus Rift never has to cost you an arm or an eye!