Valentine’s day is also called the Feast of Saint Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is a Christian festival which has been recognized as a commercial celebration which also denotes religious and cultural values. All in all, it is the day of love as we all know and it is celebrated globally on this date.

Now, as the modern traditions for valentine’s day, love and romance are celebrated all across the globe, gifts are given to your romantic partners as a token of love which makes it all the more special and interesting.

Romantic candlelight dinners, gifts, chocolates are common for this day, everybody thinks of these treats to feast the hearts of their loved ones, but who doesn’t want to make the other person feel special in a way that no one else would?

Express your emotions to the fullest, say everything that you have been wanting to say for a long time, write a cute message and fit it inside a heart-shaped glossy envelope accompanied by a bouquet of red roses smelling fresh and new, representing your love.

Does it sound romantic? It is. But guess what, you can think out of the box and use the un-cliché ways to overwhelm your romantic partner in a way that is personalized and unique.

Here are some Valentine’s day gift ideas for your friends and loved ones that will definitely make them feel special on this international day of love.

  1. Frame your moments:

Moments can make someone feel very special, especially romantic moments like the date of your marriage anniversary, the place where you met, something special that she/he said. Remember some of those special moments and remind your partner that love is still alive and cherished. Frame these moments and gift it to them as a token of romance.

  1. Write a book:

If you truly love your partner, you won’t mind penning down some words about him/her or your own story of love, how you met, how you fell in love. This will make your partner feel overwhelmed and over the top on cloud nine.

  1.  Open only when:

This gift can fill your friends and loved one with all those emotions of love, reminding them that you are there for them through all their emotions and hardships. No one deserves to feel vulnerable all by themselves, make your friends or partner feel strengthened by your love and support. Gift them boxes of each emotion which they can open and feel your presence to get through the emotions of anger, romance, boredom, naughtiness, sadness, etc.

  1. I know all about you:

Give your partner the perfect gift by framing everything you know about them. Favourite colour, dish, T.V. show, song, movie, person, actor/actress, food, drink and many more, pen it all down to the frame to let them know that you know them well enough to love them. This can be a very special personalized gift from your side to them.

  1. Retro letter tricks:

Surprise your loved one with a pinch of old school romance. Write a personalized letter to them, scroll it up and put it in a vintage-looking bottle. Fit the bottle in a wooden box to give the retro vibe which will spice things up to the old school romantic that you were.

  1. Promises:

A promise is a commitment that is pure and void of any obligation or expectation. Love and promises are best friends and what better day than Valentine’s Day to make the gesture of your pure commitment to your loved one. Promise them to love them forever, assure them of your company in life and make cute gestures which will make them feel special and honoured.

  1. Long Distance Affairs:

Keep up the long-distance trust and love with a very personalized gift that reminds them about their friends and loved ones who are wishing well for them from seven seas apart.

  1. Love Letters:

Love letters can still do the trick for the majority of people. The old school romantics find immense joy in reading old love letters that reminds them of those times and bliss of pure love and friendship. This Valentine’s Day, write them a letter of love to express how you feel for them.

  1. Star Frame:

People always claim to bring the stars down to the feet for their loved ones, we all know about this expression of speech, but how about naming a star after them?

Sounds interesting? It is definitely Yes. This is by far one of the most romantic gestures that one can do in order to make the valentine’s day a million times special. Frame the star that you have named after them so that they can keep it and remind themselves about the thought of love.

  1. A material gift:

Engrave their name on any accessory that they like or any piece of tech if they badly want. Gift them what they want for a long time, it will definitely bring a smile to their faces. Make it personalized by ways such as engraving their name or printing a picture etc.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, you must plan everything ahead of time to make the day special and memorable for your friends and loved ones. 14th February, you know the date!

6 Best DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to indulge in love, to profess your love for someone, to spice up your relationship with your partner. All you need is an ideal Valentine gift for your partner that can touch the heart of your lover. Although you can find many gifting options in the shops, a DIY gift will make your partner even more special. So, if you are clueless about what to gift your boyfriend on this Valentine’s Day, check out the following six best DIY Valentines gift for him that are sure to leave him mesmerized:

A Bouquet of Boozes

You heard of a bouquet of flowers and chocolates but have you ever heard of a bouquet of boozes?

Yes, a bouquet of boozes will make the best DIY Valentine gift for your boyfriend and its completely easy to make. All you will need are some favorite boozes of your boyfriend, flower pot of basket to hold the bouquet, wood sticks to make stems, and hot glue. That’s it.

A DIY Valentine Card

Do you remember when did you express your love for your boyfriend the last time? Well, it’s very important to express your feelings for your partner in order to maintain a healthy relationship. So, this Valentine’s Day why don’t you write down all your feelings for your boyfriend in a DIY Valentine card? This gesture is sure to make him feel special.

Heart-Shaped Bath Bombs

Well, only if you want to spice up things between you and your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, you can go ahead to make DIY bath bombs for your boyfriend. You can set up a romantic bath with lush DIY heart-shaped bath bombs and surprise your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. All you need are a few basic ingredients like baking soda, citric acid, essential oils etc.

A Customized Mug

A customized mug will make a great Valentine gift for your boyfriend as it will make his coffee time happy and romantic. So, to make a DIY customized mug, all you will need are a plain mug and some oil based paints or markers. You can draw or write anything for your beloved boyfriend. For example, ‘waiting for you’, ‘my handsome hunk’ etc.

DIY Bracelets

You can also create braided bracelets. They are easy to make and are colorful. There are lots of tutorials on the web on how to create. There are literally thousands of friendship bracelet ideas and patterns.  You can also check sites like bracelet world to get design ideas.

52 Reasons I Love You

You love the man of your life in so many ways and the reasons are countless. Right? So, how about let him know about the reasons you love him for on Valentine’s Day? So, buy a deck of playing cards or use the old one you already have in your house and write 1 reason why do you love your boyfriend in each card and at the end, title it as ‘52 reasons I love you”.

Love Coupons

Of course you can gift him gift cards or gift vouchers but he will appreciate you more if you gift him some DIY love coupons. Yes, it’s is an very interesting and romantic gift idea that you can consider for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. So, you have to make some love coupons and ask your boyfriend to redeem those for some exciting gifts (You Know what we mean).

With these romantic and exciting Valentine gift ideas for him, make sure to make him feel loved on Valentine’s Day.