What makes a place good to live in? By most people’s definitions, reasonably priced homes, decent schools, good healthcare, and good jobs are part of the mix. You should look for those things when looking for apartments online on sites such as http://www.carmelapartments.com/the-cole-new-york-city-ny.  Here are the best places to live in the US:

Burlington, Vermont

On the east side shore of Lake Champlain, you will find Burlington, which boasts stunning beauty and a diverse economy. This place also has a penchant for solving problems creatively; when downtowns were dying all over the country, Burlington came up with Church Street Marketplace – a very successful pedestrian mall that is full of eateries and boutiques.

Tucked between the Green Mountains and Adirondack, this town boasts amazing views all through the year. During warm weather, people get to enjoy biking and hiking.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

If you take the time to walk around the pueblo-style structures found in downtown Santa Fe, you will see why people are proud to call this place home. To the southeast of the city, you will see many art galleries along the Canyon Road. During the summer, you should visit the central plaza bandstand to see many free outdoor concerts.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? You should hit the hiking and biking trails that go through the surrounding terrain. To encourage more walking in the downtown area, the city is working to improve the sidewalks. If you are an entrepreneur, the city is doing its best to foster entrepreneurship because it wants to encourage young people to remain there.

Little Rock, Arkansas

This location is well known for its ever-present trees and rolling hills, but it has more to offer than lovely views. As the capital of Arkansas, it attracts its fair share of people. With a population of at least 200,000 people, Little Rock has the amenities of a bigger city but is still tiny enough to allow you to experience the feeling of community.

On the first Thursday of every month, inhabitants head to Hillcrest neighborhood to listen to music. Due to its location, this place has enough opportunities for outdoor activities such as biking, fishing, hunting, and cycling.

Bryan-College Station, Texas

This region represents an educational, cultural, and economic powerhouse in the rural part of southeastern Texas. Full of Texas hospitality as well as tradition, this area attracts and holds on to young professionals, families, and college students. This is mainly because of the low crime rates, great public school system, and excellent hospitals.

Columbia, South Carolina

Full of hospitality and surrounded by soaring pines, Columbia is a great place to live. This is mostly because of its central location and family-friendly environment. As the biggest training base for the military in the country, this place has sufficient government jobs.

Columbia also has six colleges and seven big hospitals, which makes it the place to be. The city also has a number of attractions, including Riverbanks Zoo, a children’s museum, and an art museum.

Morgantown, West Virginia

As a college town, this region offers a number of cultural activities from art exhibitions to Broadway shows. You do not need to leave town for good healthcare because the hospitals in this area are highly rated in cardiology and oncology. However, living next to 30,000 students makes the traffic unbearable during the school year.

The above places are some of the best to live in the US in terms of safety and house prices, and economic growth. Even if you want to live in luxury apartments such as The Waypointe, you have to choose a safe neighborhood first.

The United States of America are rife with business opportunities and a booming economy. It is a country where the top business peoples roam, the biggest companies operate and of course, where the best deals are to be had. In every city there’s another deal, but some are bigger than others on both fronts!

Nevertheless, some people assume that the USA is so big that it is impossible to venture both to and through easily. However, this consensus couldn’t be further from the truth, and business travel has never been more readily accessible. So, which city do you target for a business trip? Let’s take a look.

5) San Francisco

Tourism is a booming industry, and San Francisco is up to the challenge from a business perspective. As tourism becomes more prominent in the area, the hotel business stands firm on the frontlines meet the demand. Of course, this leads to San Francisco’s hotel business sky rocketing, and keeps it as one of the strongest in the States.

There’s also a demand for seafood, and the city by the bay is more than happy to provide it. Additionally, pioneers in the tech industry like Google and Twitter have set up shop in the city. San Francisco knows it’s talents and owns them well, making it a worthy destination for a business trip.

4) Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is at the centre of a prosperous technology industry. The city flourishes under refined education and a practical business environment where new entrepreneurs can hone their skills. In the end, it doesn’t take long for humble beginnings to grow into something bigger here.

Chicago also has its share of huge company success. In a stunning feat, 31 Chicago based companies made the Fortune 500 List, boasting big names that raked in the billions such as Motorola Solutions and Baxter International. There’d be a lot to learn from a business trip here, as it’s where some of the biggest companies situate themselves.

3) Las Vegas

A resort city renown for it’s tourism, gambling and nightlife, Las Vegas, Nevada has a reputation for gamblers losing their hard-earned money. However, the city thrives off of it, and is a big earner in the US as a result.

24-hour casino’s keep the money pouring in, so businesses working in this sector would have a lot to learn from a business trip here. The biggest companies, such as Caesar’s Entertainment, Stations Casinos and Boyd Gaming rake in billions, largely thanks to the thriving entertainment scene.

2) Los Angeles

Entertainment plays a huge role in the culture of the United States. Los Angeles, California is the hub of moviemaking, and by extension, a community of thriving artists across illustration, music, writing and more. Of course, for all the celebrity star power and magnificent movies they make; it’s all bound to translate into dollar signs one day.

The film studios here make a huge amount of money, so for any creative business, a trip here could be the way in to the movie moguls and yellow brick roads. The climate also makes it a viable destination for tourism too, and to be quite honest, there’s never a quiet period in this city. This is a town of serious creative industries that has spanned generations, so the wealth and breadth of history here is unmissable.

1) New York City

The Big Apple is iconic of a booming business environment. After all, the city is a magnet for success and opportunity. It’s home to dozens of businesses that rake in endless billions, and ‘the city that never sleeps’ truly lives up to it’s motto. It’s all going on here, and it never switches off.

Most of the bigger brands have a headquarters in New York City. Apple, Google, American Express and MetLife – they’re all here. Need we mention Wall Street? Deals big and small, esteemed entrepreneurs or new and exciting start-ups – experiencing all of this first hand would be nothing short of an exciting whirlwind for any company undertaking a business travel.

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Planning to visit the USA for the first time? You must already be getting dizzy with tons of information on USA holiday and might be confused how to start planning your vacation. The best option is to get yourself acquainted with what things you should know to get through a hassle-free US travel experience. Let’s get started with few suggestions to consider while gearing up for your USA holiday.

The USA is enormous

Take size into consideration when you are planning your USA trip. The United States of America spans 3.8 million square miles with 50 multifarious states and eight different time zones. USA tourism is more than just New York, San Francisco, Florida and Los Angeles. A medley of fantastic places to visit in the US scattered all over the country’s length and breadth. So while you are planning your trip, make sure you choose your itinerary considering the distance between the US states.

The USA is spectacularly divergent

Most visitors believe that the whole of USA is modern and filled with sophisticated cities and concrete jungles. This illusion is far from true as the USA is brimming with an amazing assortment of natural and cultural landscapes, quaint townships and countryside beside urbane metropolises. The culture, dialect, cuisine, and landscapes transform as you travel from one state to another.

Take time to plan your USA trip

To begin with, do not make plans to visit the most of this colossal country in one trip; you will end up cramming your journey with hectic schedules. Covering the regions of the east coast and west coasts of the USA alone will take around 12 to 15 days. If you are planning a short duration trip, it is better to stick to one region either in east coast or west coast and explore the popular things to do in the USA rather than opting faraway regions and losing precious time in transit.

If you are a first-time traveller, choose popular destinations such as New York, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, Orlando in East Coast and San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas in West Coast. Looking for something offbeat? Glacial Alaska or tropical Hawaii are wonderful choices to suit your travel preference. Travelling with family? Kids would love it at Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios in Orlando.

With a little assistance from US Travel guides or a USA travel expert, you will be able to chalk out your perfect USA holiday. Also, take the weather into consideration while planning your trip as it varies throughout the country. Some months which are favourable to travel may not be the preferred for tourism in other regions of USA.

Don’t miss the National Parks

While you are mesmerized by USA’s cosmopolitan glint of cities covered with sophisticated malls, towering skyscrapers and buzzing lifestyle, turn your focus to the natural marvels of USA as well. Don’t make your USA trip into a monotonous journey of visiting US cities.

The USA has a spectacular collection of 59 gorgeous National Parks which includes Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Great Smokey Mountain National Park, Grand Canyon National Park to name a few. Each one of them covers a different topography filled with impressive rock formations, pristine lakes and pools, exotic wilderness and abundant wildlife.

Adding even one National Park in your USA visit can make a remarkable difference to the whole experience. Opt for a scenic self-drive tour if possible for a slow-paced picturesque experience.

Understand the reliable ways of getting around the USA

One of the most crucial USA travel tip is to consider the travel distance between point A to point B in USA which matters the most while planning internal travel in the USA. Air travel is the obvious choice if you are travelling long distance with time constraints. Major cities are linked with good bus routes.

Within a city, you can hire private taxis such as Uber services to get around places. Local taxis are metered and start from USD 3 and rates increases per mile with additional charges for waiting and baggage handling. Amtrak is USA’s most expansive rail system and offers scenic journeys to many destinations including national parks in the USA at cheaper rates and convenience.

Have all proper documents in order for a hassle-free journey

A valid passport and valid USA visa are two mandatory documents you require to travel to the USA. Citizens of UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and certain European Union countries can enter the USA without a visa for 90 days. Visitors from rest of the countries need to apply for US visa prior to arriving into the country.

Always safeguard your original documents and keep copies of important documents as a backup. Travel and medical insurance are crucial even if you are staying for a short period of time in the USA. You can get the best medical services and hospital care in the USA but they are awfully expensive.

Don’t compare your expenses in the USA with your country

The USA has a highly successful economic condition and the US dollar is stronger than most global currency except Europe and certain Middle Eastern countries. If you are travelling from countries that have currencies weaker than US dollar, it would be wise not to compare prices of products and services of your country with that of US. Doing so will make you think that you are spending a lot on your US holiday.

So stop converting every dollar you spend into your nation’s currency as this is a major mood killer. Also, it is better to carry more than you budgeted for your vacation as you would not want to get stuck here without enough money.

Tipping in the USA

Tipping is highly expected and customary in the USA. You will have to set aside extra cash as tips for taxi drivers, restaurant waiters, bell boys in hotels, airport porters, and bartenders. Restaurants expect an extra 15 – 20% of the bill as tips. Tip on other services varies from state to state.

Respect the etiquettes of Americans

The American are quite liberal in lifestyle but still, there are certain codes of behavior you might want to keep in mind on your USA visit. Americans dislike invasion of their privacy and personal space. If you are standing near a stranger, make sure you maintain a decent distance. Greet with handshakes. If you do not personally know someone, they would not like any physical show of affection. Regarding etiquettes, what is considered normal in one region may not be considered so in other.

Americans feel insecure about strangers interacting with their kids. Always stay at arm’s length away from children. Observe rules and follow protocols where needed such as no jaywalking, disobeying traffic rules or cutting queues. If you are looking forward to a dinner in a restaurant, call and make a reservation early. Also, dinner time in the USA begins from 6 pm onwards so you will need to eat earlier than your expected dining time.

The USA is an ethnically rich country, hence it is best to avoid offending people with racial, gender and political comments. It is best to keep these views to yourself to avoid attracting unnecessary trouble.