All fleet managers work hard to avoid any kind of accidents by all means. The drivers are highly trained, motivated and given the best environment to help them remain alert during their daily routines. In fact, reputable fleet solution providers like EyeRide Online have some of the best solutions when it comes to accident prevention. Despite all these, an accident is likely to occur when least expected, and the company must always be prepared.

Immediately following an accident, the driver must record all the necessary information to help the company understand what really happened. If everyone is left to gather later what they think took place, then it will be hard to understand what really happened. And this is where a fleet accident packet comes into play.

What Is a Fleet Accident Packet?

In layman’s language, this is a pamphlet that contains a guideline of all the information the drivers need to gather in the case of an accident. Further, it also contains what they need to do when they are in panic mode following an accident. When followed well, the drivers will come out with the information crucial for any follow-ups.

According to one experienced fleet management expert, the packet needs to be very simple so that the drivers can get crucial information. However, it should not leave behind any important details needed to solve the accident case. Another notable feature of any professionally prepared fleet accident packet is the ability to add more notes if the driver feels that what is asked is not enough.

How to Use the Fleet Accident Packet

It all begins with training the drivers on how to use the pamphlet that has been issued by the company. This is because it may differ from one company to another, and therefore, it does not matter whether one had any experience using a fleet accident packet from a previous job.

It is not always the case that the drivers will be in a position to fill out the form adequately. When injured, they should focus on receiving medical treatment to stop any further injury rather than struggling to gather the information. In other cases, the vehicle may be on fire, and what is important is their safety.

However, they need to know that the information gathered during an accident is crucial to the company. They need to keep the pamphlet somewhere on the dashboard and have a pen to fill in applicable details. Completing the form when possible is essential.

Benefits of a Fleet Accident Packet

By now, it is becoming clear that the packet has many benefits to all parties. In addition to reporting to the fleet management about what happened during the accident, filling out the fleet accident packet is also a way for drivers to clear their names if the mistake was not theirs.

Further, this is the preliminary report required before filing a claim with the insurance firms. Their assessors will use this information to find out what happened. However, other methods are also used like evidence from video recorded by a dashboard camera.


From the above information, it is evident that the fleet accident packet is a document that should never be forgotten in any fleet vehicle. Management should use a document that is appropriate to their company and ensure it is used well.