Imagine a moonless night and a lightless neighbourhood. It’s pitch black in every direction. Someone creeps up from the alleyway towards your home. Everyone’s asleep, except you. You’re reading a fantastic book in bed, almost done with the last chapter. Suddenly, you hear a startling sound. A dumpster’s fallen over. You wave it off, finish the book, and go to sleep. You wake up upon the sound of your screaming wife. Rushing downstairs towards the living room, you come across a horrible sight. Everything’s gone! Vanished into thin air! Your new HDTV, the laptops, even the microwave. The safe? Broken into and empty.

“What went wrong in the night?” you ask.

“The lack of lighting,” I answer.

Darkness is a burglar’s ally – a perfect cover to sneak in and sneak out of a house, silently and stealthily. In order to beat this partnership, you need to install flood lights in the area surrounding your house. They are an extremely important home security measure, and the following reasons will show you why.

When Night Time’s a Bright Time

Why is a house enveloped in darkness a perfect target for criminals? Because they can easily jump over the fence, crawl through the crannies, break-in, endanger you and your loved ones, and never get caught. If no one’s able to see them, no one can apprehend them, right? This is what they rely on.

But when a house is properly lighted on the outside, it becomes a major deterrent for the criminals. Flood lights clear up the dark cloak of night, and enable passersby to recognize any potential lurkers. So when night time’s a bright time, the intrusions drop down significantly.

Hiding Spots? I Don’t Think So

Intruders are creative people. If one plan fails, they jump to another plan. No house is completely illuminated. There are definite blind spots, just as there are black holes in a galaxy. It could be the one in your backyard, behind the fire pit. Or in your lawn, beside the bushes. These hiding areas are craftily used by criminals to get access to your home. Looking over from your living room window, how are you to realize that the figure in the distance is not a garden gnome, but actually a bent-down burglar? This is the power of hiding spots.

However, an LED flood light with a powerful beam and energy-efficient properties can mitigate this problem. It illuminates all the basic areas, leaving no space behind for the intruder to misconstrue.

Motion Detection Is a Plus

There are lights, and then there are smart lights.

Smart lights are flood lights which come equipped with a night-vision camera, motion sensors, an alarm system, and a two-way communication audio setup. Against these lights, an intruder has no way of escaping detection. These lights do not remain on all the time. They only come alive when they detect motion within a certain range. After detecting the criminal, the alarm sounds, and the feed is sent directly to your smartphone. This smartphone-enabled safety automation is totally in line with the advanced home protection offered as a part of the elaborate Vivint security system.

Situational Variation

The same sort of lighting may not be suitable for the whole property. Each area has its own specifications and landscape. Marvelously, flood lights do come in different versions to meet the required needs. There are super-bright flood lights for the driveway, small fixtures for the doorway, grounded ones for the shrubberies, and more. You can choose the ones to your liking and get them installed quickly.

Affordable Protection

Buying floodlights at the right place and the right time turns out to be a lifetime investment. At first, I was scared that the slightly pricey LED outdoor lights would put a dent in my pocket. I could always go for the cheap dollar bulbs, but there should be no compromising on home security, right? So I went ahead and bought some excellent flood lights, and as I later found out, they were both energy-saving and penny-saving. My overall electricity bill did not shock me, as I had expected. I highly recommend getting your hands on this affordable protection.

But It’s your call. Whether you want to protect your home from all sorts of intrusion by installing outdoor lights, or you want to remain in the dark, is up to you. Given the reasons listed above, we think you’ll choose the first option.