Now that everyone’s at home, waiting to meet up with friends and family again, there is no better way than to stay in touch with others than through Snapchat. This multifunctioning app allows us to keep in touch, even with people on the other side of the world. Nobody deserves life in isolation. Therefore, we should stay connected to others in any way we can. Here are a few tips to stay connected through Snapchat.

Create a Group

Whether you miss your friends or your family, creating a group in Snapchat is an ideal way to virtually get together. While a text or WhatsApp group is fine, Snapchat allows you to send pictures and videos of your real-time activities. When you want to chat, there’s always someone online to reply to you. Or when you find a funny image, you only have to share it once, rather than with 10 individual people. It’s easier to stay in touch when you don’t have multiple open chats to reply to.

Invite Others for Online Activities

As mentioned above, the video function in Snapchat is a great way to share your real-time activities. This function also opens up the potential to invite friends to do an activity together. For instance, if you’re cooking a delicious homemade meal, you can instantly share the recipe by filming your process. However, you can also invite your friends to watch a movie at the same time and to share your response through pictures, videos, and chat logs.

Talk to Strangers

Snapchat has multiple ways to connect with strangers. One way is by diving into the discovery page and looking for people you think upload exciting content. Another way is by manually adding snapchat usernames to your friend-list. You can find these usernames through other online platforms, or you can ask your friend if they know someone you could connect with.

By talking to strangers, you broaden your horizons and allow yourself to make new friends when there’s a spark between the two of you. It’s also exciting to get to know someone from a different country or culture. There is so much you can learn!

Be Active

This tip can also be interpreted in two ways. First of all, by keeping your profile active and up to date, you are much more likely to have long and exciting conversations with your friends, family, and classmates. Staying connected requires active input from both parties.

Another way to stay active is by filming your home workout routine. Show your friends how active you are and invite them to do the same!

The most important thing is to keep an eye out for your own mental health and that of your friends. Staying inside all day can feel horrible, but everything is better when you have friends and a support system.

Snap chat is not a new app for us. With the passage of time, the uses have increased. It was first launched as an iOS app in 2011. It gained rapid popularity in such a short time. In 2012, Snap chat also became an Android app.

Video recording without holding the capture button

This one is the easiest hack. There appears a small icon like a padlock along with the capture button on the screen. When you start recording, you only need to swipe left towards the icon and voila. Now you can continue to record without having to worry about holding the button

Swapping between screens

Rather than using the icon, you can swap between front and back cameras by double tap. You only need to double tap the screen and the camera will switch from this to that.

Volume buttons

As you may capture pictures on your phone’s camera by using volume buttons. You can do the same in Snap chat too. Use either button to click a snap or record a video.

Zoom in and out

Who thought an app would be so much fun. Slide your finger up on the screen to zoom in, on any object and slide down to zoom out.

Mute the videos

If your videos are full of noises and you want to get rid of it then Snapchat got your back. With this unique feature, you can send the videos without any sound. You only need to tap on the mini speaker icon.

Voice filters

Not only you can put filters on your face but also your voice. After you have recorded the video, tap on the small speaker icon and you will have filters to choose from.

Shazam in Snapchat

Why download the app when you can use it with Snapchat. No matter where you are if you want to find out any song, just hold your finger on the screen and done. Snapchat will show you a small popup on screen with the name of the song as well as the artist.

Text size, color, style

Snapchat allows you to be as much of a color freak as you want. As it gives you the feature of adding text, it also lets you change the size and color. Forget the white color and choose from the whole range. Tap on the icon T which is on the top right corner. It gives you a whole range of styles and color. Also, pinch on the text to play with sizes.

Ghost mode

Snapchat is not only used for taking cool snaps or sharing them. It also offers the feature to share your location. Yet some people value their privacy and for those, we have the ghost mode. By enabling ghost mode, no one will be able to see your location.

Create your own filter

It allows you to customize your own Snapchat lenses and filters. Go to settings and select “filters and lenses”. Though these are available for a certain time. The purpose of this feature is to let one design different lenses for occasions and parties.


Another cool feature includes drawing or doodling on your snaps. Rather than typing, why not you write it by yourself. You have to tap on the pencil icon and draw or write anything you want. It also has a variety of colors to make it fun.


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