Christmas is a coming, and in a farmer’s field somewhere the goose is undoubtedly getting fat. Summer has resolutely left the building and we’ve warmly welcomed Autumn with its golden hues and crisp air. Our thoughts turn to the festive season as advertisements for sun cream are replaced by commercials for gadgets and gizmos, toys and games. You decide it’s time to sit down with a glass of red to compile your annual gift lists but let’s face it, buying presents for your nearest and dearest can be challenging.

This year why not turn away from the run-of-the mill chocolates, the predictable bottle of champers and the unoriginal bubble bath? Instead buy your loved ones a gift that will last and that can be cherished and enjoyed for the years to come. It’s time to embrace tradition and be inspired by the ageless tales of Beatrix Potter, for Christmas this year buy your loved ones Peter Rabbit Christmas gifts.

Soft & Cuddly Toys to Warm Your Heart

Let’s get the rant out of the way first, too many kids today are obsessed by technology.  They spend hours staring at screens, thumbing controllers, tapping out texts and browsing social media to see how much better everyone else’s life is! Even little ones are preoccupied with playing online games and staring at a tablet screen as they watch a new show. By all means buy them the new X-Box game this year or let your little one download the latest instalment of Peppa Pig, but it could be the perfect time to introduce children to alternative sources of enjoyment.

Hands up if you had a favourite soft toy once upon a time? One that you snuggled up to at night, and that accompanied you everywhere? You might still have it, tucked away in a corner of your bedroom (or maybe still sharing your bed – and why not? Adults need comfort too)! Everyone loves a cuddly toy.

If there’s been a new addition to your family or a friend has given birth to a bouncing baby, then a cuddly Beatrix Potter character would make a lovely Christmas gift.

It’s nice to give a gift that can be kept and cherished. In fact, you’re never too old to own a soft toy, so a huggable Peter Rabbit or a loveable Jemima Puddle-Duck might be just the thing for a dear friend or family member this Christmas.

Fanciful Figurines to Liven Up a Room

Colourful Beatrix Potter figurines can really cheer up a room, and make fabulous gifts for fans of the stories or canny collectors. From statuettes of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle and Lucie busying themselves with domestic duties to cute ornaments of Timmy Willie snoozing in a pea pod, there’s something for everyone. The best thing about figurines? They last forever, so if you buy one for Great Aunt Sally you can be safe in the knowledge she can get endless hours of joy from it before it’s passed on.

Useful Gifts That Look Pretty Too!

Useful Christmas gifts don’t have to be dull, (ok so we wouldn’t be impressed with an ironing board cover we must admit), but we do love a Christmas gift that looks pretty and comes in handy too! Drink from your new Benjamin Bunny mug (it’s looks pretty on your shelf but you might as well use it too), or stick important memos to the fridge with the Beatrix Potter Character Magnets. Treat the little ones to a Flopsy Organic Dinner Set or delight a friend with a Peter Rabbit Perpetual Calendar. Or how about a new glasses case for that relative who is always beseeching everyone to help them find their lost spectacles (even though they are often on balanced on their head)! There are Beatrix Potter fold away tote bags, snack boxes complete with cutlery and umbrellas to keep the rain off on a bleak, showery day.

For it is in giving that we receive. – St. Francis of Assisi

It’s nice to receive gifts, but there’s much joy to be had in giving the perfect gift to a loved one. The pleasure of watching a friend or relative’s face light up when they open something they love is priceless. Whether you choose to gift something practical, an item they can treasure or simply something they can cuddle, there are some superb Peter Rabbit Christmas gifts on offer that will warm the heart of everyone, from a babe in arms to your one-hundred-year-old grandma!

With the holidays coming up, expect a lot more people to be out and about, rushing to the stores to do some last-minute shopping, to the airport to catch a flight, to the stations to catch a bus or train, and to the highways to drive back home. It will be crazy and frantic as people try to get to their destinations as fast as they can while competing for space with other folks doing the same thing. Everyone’s stressed and tempers are running high.

Aside from that, the aftermath of holidays is no better. Yes, the stress may have gone down a bit because people aren’t trying to beat the clock anymore, but the festive mood of the holidays also come with its own risk. People who have had too much to drink are on the road, driving when they have no business to be. And even without alcohol, things can get a little bit too rowdy in places where a crowd of people are partying.

It’s not a surprise why more accidents occur during the holidays. The tension is too high leading up to the season, and the attitude is too carefree following it. Nevertheless, you can still stay safe while having fun. It’s a matter of compromise, and also of taking heed of the following tips:

Find alternatives for getting home

Drinking and driving is bad, but just drinking is not. Fortunately, you can both enjoy your drinks and reach home in one piece by having a contingency plan in case you’re too buzzed to drive. You can ask a friend to be a designated driver (just return the favor next time, of course). You can also book a room at a nearby hotel or AirBnB if you plan to party into the night. If you really prefer to sleep in your own bed instead no matter what, hail a cab the old-fashioned way, or get a ride via Uber or Lyft.

Hide packages away from sight in your car

Criminals are also on the prowl during the holidays because they know people have more money to spend this time of the year. Thus, crime rates increase, especially for robbery and theft. To avoid becoming a victim when you’re out shopping, see to it that packages in your car are not visible from the outside. Tuck them under the seat or store them in the trunk. Otherwise, you risk your car being broken into when criminals see an opportunity or two to steal.

Keep your car in tiptop shape

Planning a long drive home? Don’t venture out of the garage without checking that everything is in order – no worn tires, no malfunctioning brakes, no broken lights, just to name a few. As tempting as it is to put off getting replacements in favor of buying gifts, it’s not worth endangering your family and yourself. Not being around the next holiday season because of a preventable accident in the previous one is something you don’t want to happen, ever. So if you’ll be on the road, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.

Call your personal injury lawyer

Staying safe is a two-way street. You can be as cautious as you can be, but if other people are not, accidents can still happen. If you do get into an accident, get medical help immediately, then call a lawyer to see if you have a solid case as a personal injury victim. You may be able to get a payout to pay for your medical bills (and repair bills, if the accident is vehicular) if your lawyer can prove that it isn’t your fault.

Remember, safety comes first whatever the occasion!