The wedding is one of the significant milestones in life. It is a special day, and that is why everyone looks forward to making it memorable by going all out to make it big and memorable. Everyone dreams of a big wedding, beautiful cars, gorgeous flowers, a lavish reception with hundreds of guests to share in the joy of their special day. However, all those big wishes cost a lot of money.  Although it seems brilliant to have a glamorous wedding, nothing is encouraging in starting married life in debt since arguing over money is the root of most divorce.

It is, however, wise to start your married life on a firm footing by planning and having enough savings for your dream wedding. To guide you in planning your wedding, here are 6 ways to save for your dream wedding and avoid starting out with huge debts and bills to settle.

  1. Start Saving

An average wedding costs about $40,000. You should start saving towards the amount if you do not have that sum already, else, you may end up borrowing. As soon as you have your wedding in sight, start saving at every opportunity that comes your way. Have regular amounts of cash you will be saving into a special account for your wedding. Ask around; you can even find a savings account paying a nice interest rate. Hire a financial advisor to help you plan out your finances when it comes to saving.

  1. Have Priorities

A wedding has several aspects that require a lot of cash. However, you should prioritize certain aspects to cut down on expenses, and yet have a memorable day. Wedding aspects you can prioritize include wedding videography, wedding photography, dresses or clothing, transport, ceremony, reception, wedding rings, and entertainment. Allocate more fund to aspects with higher priorities and reduce spending on the rest.

  1. Have a Budget

Consider your estimated savings and the cost of the prioritized aspects of your wedding to create a workable budget for your wedding without breaking the bank. Having created a budget, make sure you stick to it under any circumstances.

  1. Do It Yourself

While the popular belief is to hire an event planner to handle your wedding from A to Z, there are several things you can do by yourself to save money. You could ask someone you know that can make a fantastic wedding cake to help you with one and other things you ask family, friends, and relatives to help you do.

  1. Negotiate

As you are trying to stay within budget, negotiate with any wedding service providers you contact for reasonable prices – bridal stores, caterers, florists, car rental companies, wedding videographers and photographers, reception halls, and lots more. Tell them you are looking for god prices to make your choices.

  1. Cut out Statement Items

As you are trying to save money for your wedding, you have to remove certain statement items from your list. You can drop buying a designer wedding dress and choose the “off the rack” dress and still look fabulous while you save money.

Start your home on a firm financial footing by following the 6 ways you can save for your dream wedding.

When you use your car for either private and business purposes, be sure to keep a digital record of all your business trips, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. This is true for many reasons, a few being that you as a business owner have a number of responsibilities on top of the personal ones, with regards to compliance and taxation. By keeping an electronic log over your travels, you not only make life easier for yourself when filing tax reports, but you also have solid proof in terms of what counts as private driving, and what is for business.

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve been told you need to use an electronic logging device because you’re in the trucking business, an entrepreneur with many hours on the road, or something similar. Especially insurance companies require vehicles to use ELD Devices, and some companies won’t offer you any type of insurance on your leased vehicles without such a device. Not only do the modern ELD’s track milage, but the more advanced also have traffic crash information, sort of like a black box on the airplanes.

An electronic logging device can therefore also help with insurance claims, as there will exist a record of how fast you were going when the accident took place for instance. And while the initial cost of acquiring and installing an ELD can be prohibitive for those not required by law to use them, there’s actually another good incentive for entrepreneurs to install one. Seeing as how a large portion of the accounting aspect will be automatically taken care of, over time ELD’s save money on bookkeeping and by storing all data electronically, saves on storage or archiving costs as well.

And for vehicle fleet owners and operators, using ELD’s can be a crucial aspect in managing a successful business. In addition to documenting the use of each car, it also provides fleet administrators with a unique tool to continually monitor the mileage of the cars in the fleet automatically, outputting costs for fuel and maintenance along the way. This gives the fleet administrator, a unique and real-time overview of the internal fleet, that in turn allows the fleet to be optimised on the basis of live data. This can ultimately help to free up capital and reduce the balance of the individual car dealership, rental company or any other company operating a fleet of automobiles or trucks.