Puppies, like babies, require a huge amount of care and attention, and many new pet owners are unfortunately unprepared for the hefty time commitment. Unlike a baby, however, the care window for a puppy is considerably shorter, so having a firm understanding of what to do and when to do it is far less intense in the long-run. Still, many pet owners don’t have a clue where to start! Fortunately, there are quite a few simple puppy training tips to keep in mind to ensure that your puppy grows up knowing all of the right things to do. In this article, we take a look at what you should be considering when training your puppy to give you a basic place to start your teaching from.

A puppy’s food and toilet needs

Knowing how to properly feed your puppy is crucial, as any missteps here could not only make your dog impossible to train, but it could also ensure they also develop health problems for the rest of their lives – and that’s not going to bode well for your pet insurance. Puppies grow quickly, and their diets usually consist of high quality, high energy puppy food to more easily facilitate this. When feeding your puppy this food, it’s imperative that you don’t simply leave food out all of the time. If your puppy constantly eats – and it will, given the chance – there is much greater potential for skeletal problems to develop. To prevent this, feeding your dog a recommended amount of food based on size regularly three times a day will ensure your dog never overeats. In terms of toilet needs, routine is also your friend here. A puppy’s toilet training routine should start with the owner taking them outside regularly to do their business, offering praise after it occurs. For a puppy, activities such as playing, eating, or drinking will stimulate the need to go to the toilet, so don’t forget to take your dog outside after any of these instances so that it can relieve itself and keep in mind where it should be when it goes to the toilet.

Preventing your belongings from getting chewed up

One of the other important things you’ll need to focus on when training a puppy is for them to not destroy everything in the house. As with toilet training, this can ensure that some easily preventable clean up and damage never has to occur. First, common sense would dictate that you put away anything you don’t want your puppy to chew on. Clothes or shoes should never be offered as play things, even if they’re old and battered, unless you want to open the doors to the rest of your nice clothing and shoes. To prevent boredom in your puppy, regularly rotate its toys and always remember to not put anything that can be easily broken in vulnerable locations, as it will not necessarily be your puppy’s fault if they knock something over when they’re excited. Finally, always ensure your dog is in a puppy-proofed area, such as a closed-off laundry, when you’re not around to supervise.

Letting your dog know you mean business

Whether your puppy is good or bad, it’s easy to demonstrate this to them. Reinforce good behaviour with petting and praise, and always remember to respond to bad behaviour by either ignoring it, interrupting it or redirecting it.

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There’s no greater addition to a household than a puppy, and children especially will fall in love with their new, and oh so cute, family member. It’s important to remember, however, that moving into a new home can be a confusing and even frightening experience for a young dog. As it grows up it will give you years of love and loyalty, so give it lots of love when it needs it most by doing all you can to ensure that your new puppy feels happy and at home from the moment it arrives.

Give Your Puppy a Calm Welcome

When you carry your puppy into its new home, everyone is going to be excited. Young children especially will want to pet it and cuddle it, but at first that could be completely the wrong thing to do. To help a puppy adjust to its new surroundings, create an environment that’s as calm and quiet as possible. It may take a day or two for a puppy to get used to the completely new sights, sounds and smells of your home, but once they’ve done that you’ll notice their confidence grow and they’ll seek you and other family members out. At this point it’s fine to stroke and cuddle them, so ensure that you talk to your children and do some research on the popular dog breeds before bringing a puppy home and stress the importance of being quiet.

Create a Safe Space for Your Puppy

Dogs are territorial creatures, even from an early age, so ensure that you have a small area of your home that’s specifically for your puppy. Put a dog basket filled with warm towels in this areaand place your new puppy gently into it. It won’t be long until you find your puppy heading towards it naturally, and this is a habit that will last for years. It’s a good idea to have a puppy toy or two in this area as well, and there should always be a fresh supply of water nearby as well as nutritious food to eat at mealtimes.

A Healthy Puppy Needs Exercise

A balanced diet is important for puppies as well as humans, especially when they are small, and the same is true of exercise. It’s important to get in the habit of walking your puppy on a daily basis as soon as possible, as this ensures that they grow up to be fit, strong and healthy. As they get older you can walk them for longer distances and more frequently, which is great exercise for the owner as well. Expert puppy walking tips can be found on the internet or from your local vet, but one key point to remember is that they must be correctly vaccinated first. It’s a good idea to carry out lead training first as well, and always remember to make your puppy’s walks as enjoyable for it as possible.

Give your puppy a wealth of love and it’s sure to return it tenfold in the years to come. Important steps to remember are to give it a quiet and calm first day or two, ensure that it’s had its vaccinations, and have a puppy bedding area for it with lots of water available nearby. Other than this, give your puppy regular walks and regular treats, and you’ll have a new member of the household that will enrich the lives of everyone within it. Buying a puppy is one of the greatest things you can do but remember to always consider their physical and emotional needs.