What is a preventive maintenance plan?

As preventive maintenance is the repairing or maintenance work performed when an equipment or tool is in good working condition in order to put unforeseen breakdown off, a preventive maintenance plan is a document used by the organization or repairing personnel when developing the jobs or tasks needed to appropriately maintain business assets, tools or equipment etc.

The plan attempts to help organization or company uncompromisingly perform required maintenance, or replacements of certain parts so all expected breakdowns can be prevented before they happen.

Having a preventive maintenance plan at place offers you a lot of advantages such as running the business operations efficiently, maximizing the lifespan of equipments and trimming the maintenance costs down amazingly.

How to Set Up Equipment Preventive Maintenance Plan

Below are the things to be considered to set up equipment preventive maintenance plan for your organization or company efficiently.

Determine the organization’s end goals

Keeping the end goal of your company or organization in mind could be a great start for you in order to create an effective preventive maintenance plan.

When you have a clear idea about what your company wants to accomplish with help of a PM plan, it will help you align your procedures with organizational goals in order to get things done in right way.

For instance, if the goal of your organization is to improve work efficiency, you must plan preventive maintenance in a way that will aid you reduce the equipment downtime, improve work completion ratio and boost the production time for each of your equipment or machines.

Keep track of equipment/assets

It seems like a time consuming task but considered as a vital element of setting up a preventative maintenance plan with best.

Tracking all your assets of equipment will help your organization a lot to check that whether preventative checks should routinely be made on all equipment or not.

Make sure all required details and information about assets such as make & model, title of the asset, serial numbers, specifications, asset tracking ID and location etc are written down rightly when listing the asset inventory down.

Categorize and make hierarchies

In order to make the preventive maintenance process easier, you should categorize all your assets or equipments. The task would be easier for you if you are using CMMS software for your organization as it can help you categorize your assets quickly.

You should also try to put all your tools or assets in equipment hierarchies not only to get the maintenance jobs done efficiently but to make the reporting process easier as well.

Establish job and labor resources

Whether you are setting up a PM plan manually or using a computerized maintenance management system to do so, you will need to include a list of resources necessary to execute required maintenance job, such as scissors lifts, drills, and wrenches etc.

Labor with appropriate skills should also be assigned according to the scope of job or work in order to get things done in your favor.

Create maintenance schedules

Creating maintenance schedules is one of the most important things to consider when you are setting up preventative maintenance plan.

As the always need time, energy and workforce to get done, having such schedule on hand will help you deal the situation accordingly.

Always keep in mind that you should make a list of high priority items that need to be repaired on immediate basis, as it will assist you to get the work done on time before overloading your workforce with low priority maintenance jobs.

Determine the spare parts & supply needs

Your company will never ever bear that your maintenance department is out of stock or supplies when there is need to execute an important maintenance work.

So, determine the spare parts & supply needs ahead of time in order to prevent inventory related issues while getting repairing jobs done.

Most of CMMS software allows you to create planning report to check the availability of parts & other resources for future dates to complete the tasks successfully.

Outsource s ome work

Outsourcing some repairing jobs could be a great way to make your workforce always available for serious situations.

It will help you reduce demands on your internal staff in order to get the jobs done efficiently without getting late.

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